Hello, sweet friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

 I have to say this one ranks up there pretty high on my list of BEST weekends ever! Having all my family under the same roof always makes me so happy-and the fact that our little celebration for our new addition went off without a hitch-well, that was a definite BONUS!!!

Of course, I never would have been able to pull it off without my special helpers!

My niece Amanda came over on Friday night after work, and helped me a TON by decorating the house with balloons and streamers!  Unfortunately, most of the pic’s I took were blurry because I was in a rush to get the favors done before Mel and Andy arrived.

Mom made up a batch of her yummy caramel corn and I placed in them in bags-tied with twine and chalkboard tag that said “She’s ready to pop!”  The kiddo’s (my niece, Vanessa, and nephew, Nick) each received a bag of their favorite fall treat-candy corn!

Each family also took home some snuggles and cuddles-which was a Ball jar filled with cocoa mix and marshmallows!!! Sorry about the blurry photo!

 I absolutely adored this ‘personal’ thank you that Mandy found on PINTEREST and wrote on one of my chalkboards.

Although this was more of a family gathering than a shower-everyone brought a little something for baby Roller!

Lunch was served buffet style and because I didn’t want anyone me to have to worry about dishes, I did not use my best china!  The menu was all Mel’s favorites…barbecued ribs, cheesy potatoes, calico beans, and mandarin orange salad.

Pictured here are my sister in law, Katt, my brother, Kevin, my niece, Vanessa, and mom to be, Mel! (Notice the first item on Mel’s plate is pickles!!!)  I have to give her huge kudos though.  Being on this restricted diet for gestational diabetes is not easy-especially with all this yummy food around-but thankfully, she’d planned ahead for the big meal, and was able to eat everything, just in smaller portions than the rest of us!!!

Everyone must have enjoyed their food, because their was very littler chatter during lunch! Pictured here from left to right is dad to be-Andy, hubby, and Mom L!

Once lunch was over, we all packed into the family room for gift opening!!!

Mom kept our family tradition alive by having a special quilt made for her soon to be great grandson!!

Mel was so deeply touched by the special gift that she and Nana shared a selfie!!

Speaking of Mom-she was looking like she was ready for a nap here- until, I teased her that I was taking her picture for an online dating service!!!  HA! HA!

 Of course, hubby is never too tired to pick on Mandy!   Here he is smiling from ear to ear because he made her get up from her reclining position in the chair, so he could sit down!!

This adorable onesie  Uncle Kevin and Aunt Katt purchased received many chuckles! (Except, of course, from dad to be-Andy!)

There is an obvious reason why my brother calls his daughter ‘Minnie Me’! Can you believe this lovely young lady is only 11???  Boy time sure does fly!  I can still remember the day she was born-which, by the way-is the same month and day that I was!!!!

Do you see whose snuggling up behind Papa L?  Yep, that’s Mr. Bentley.  The poor guy came down with an ear infection the day before, and wasn’t feeling too good.  Grandpa always makes him feel better though!!!

After the gift opening-we all enjoyed a slice of apple and pumpkin pie that the two great grandma’s made for dessert!

We had planned on playing a few games after dessert-but everyone was so full, and so busy catching up, that we decided to just forget them.

Later that evening, we ordered up a few pizza’s and continued our celebration until late into the night.

I think it’s safe to say-Mel and Andy (and even Charlie) had a great time celebrating this joyous occasion with their loved ones!!!  I know we all enjoyed throwing them a party they would never forget!



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