Last night was one of those nights I just couldn’t sleep!  I guess I can blame it on age, or menopause, or the inability to shut my brain off!  Whatever it is-most times it’s not a whole lot of fun roaming around the house while everyone else is snoring away!

But last night I didn’t even mind missing some ZZZZZ’s!  Why?  Well-because I got to watch 3 episodes of HGTV’s Sarah 101!!!! Of course they were re-runs….but I didn’t mind one bit!  If you’ve ever taken a peek at Sarah Richardson’s design’s-you’ll know how truly timeless they are!  If not-get ready for some major EYE CANDY!

 I love how Sarah always takes something unexpected (and sometimes unattractive) and builds an entire-AMAZING room around it.  Like in this living/dining room makeover.  The clients (and me) started out hating the fabric on the ottoman that Sarah chose as her starting point.  But look what she did with it!!!

And she continues to impress me by proving that neutrals are not boring-time and time again.

But she’s not afraid of mixing textures and color either-which is one of my favorite things about her designs.

 It inspires me to not be so afraid when it comes to stepping out of my comfort zone-and really-listening to my gut instinct-even when there are doubters (hubby???).  Which is why Sarah Richardson has become one of my favorite designers.  I miss her shows on HGTV, and I truly wish they would find a way to bring her and Tommy back!! After all- come January, when that precious grandchild of mine arrives- I’ll be use to staying up-and will need something inspirational to watch while I rock that sweet baby to sleep!!!

Source for all photo’s.

Happy Wednesday!



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