Happy Friday, ya’ all!

It’s been CRAZY busy this past week-so I apologize for being MIA here on the blog!

Hubby and I spent last weekend, and every evening this week, painting walls and trim in the living room, as well as hanging up our new light fixture!

You all know I wasn’t too keen on a ceiling fan-but now that it’s up….

I absolutely LOVE it!

Painted Walls and Trim in Living Room

And now that the walls and trim are freshly painted, the room is FINALLY starting to come together like I envisioned! (BTW-The blinds are there for privacy-I’m still on the fence about keeping them!)

We still have the floor to complete-but once that is done(hopefully this weekend), it’s time to hang curtains, and fill the VERY empty space!

Junk Garden

In between work and the living room project-hubby and I have also been trying to catch up on ‘outside’ projects as well!  My junk garden is almost complete…..just a few finishing touches left.

Note the cable reel on the left of the above photo-I have BIG plans for it-but for now it makes a great potting station for my herbs and flowers!


Speaking of flowers….

Peonies in the garden

I’ve been waiting patiently for our pretty peonies to start blooming-and they FINALLY did yesterday!! Guess who will be filling the house with these lovelies!

Bridal wreath

The front of our house is in FULL bloom as well!

Bleeding Heart

It’s a good thing too-because they helped hide this ugly mess….

Front Porch

Do you remember last spring when I posted about painting our front porch?  Well, this is how it looked after 1 winter here in Minnesota! 

Stop back next week-and I’ll share what I did wrong last year-and how I learned from my mistake!!

Plus…do you remember me sharing this  $5 find?


Wait until you see what I did to transform it COMPLETELY!!

Wishing you a FABULOUS weekend!

Blessings and hugs,


2 thoughts on “Updates on the Living Room Makeover and More!”

  1. Excited for the big finish – so far your living room looks awesome – ceiling fans are wonderful especially during the summer. You will enjoy it. The yard looks wonderful too you’ve been busy!

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