The last few nights have been so beautiful, that I’ve been spending them in the gardens, and re-purposing a few of the treasures I recently found.

When I was digging out the antique dresser from the old house on our family farm (you can read all about that here), I found some other treasures that I could resist taking home.

An old bread tin is now filled with pretty white Allysum.

Mom thought I was crazy for snatching up this old grease can.  Maybe I am a bit weird, but I think once these Double Rose and White Petunia’s begin to bloom-no-one will even notice the rusty can.

Dad’s old feeding scoop has also found a new purpose.  I can’t wait until these begonia’s start filling out!

I also planted some peppers…..

And cucumbers and butternut squash found out a place to grow in our raised garden out back.




All the flowers I planted after our trip to Oregon, are coming along very nicely!!

And before long our house will be overflowing with these gorgeous peonies and daylilies!


Mr. Bumblebee was so busy working on the catnip, that he didn’t even mind getting his photo taken!

After all the hard work this week I think it’s time to sit in my favorite spot on the porch and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Happy Saturday!

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