Creating a modern farmhouse style Wall shelf from a thrift store find.

Good morning, sweet friends and Happy Friday!

August is with warmer/drier temperatures and this month’s first Trash to Treasure project!

Today I’m sharing a quick and easy upcycle that I did for my home office.

I was on the lookout for a wall shelf and this paddle shelf caught my eye.

If you go to yard sales or thrift stores you’ve probably seen these vintage 80’s shelves with a heart shape cut out.  Thankfully, this one did not have that, and since it was only $.79 I grabbed it up immediately!

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 I’m a firm believer that there is nothing a little paint can’t fix, and this project was no exception. I chose Waverly Chalk Paint’s Mineral as the color because I wanted a distressed grey wash look for the shelf. (You’ll see why in a bit).

Since there was a lot of varnish on this piece so I decided to sand the shelf. It’s not necessary with this paint but I wanted it to be distressed anyway so I did. I used a coarser sandpaper than usual for this. (80 grit). Once sanded down, I took a clean damp cloth and removed all of the dust. Then it was time for the first coat of paint.

I gave the shelf a light coat of the paint and after I let it dry for about 1 hour I sanded it down and gave it another light coat. As you can see the color was more of a greige when dry but I wasn’t done just yet!

To get the aged-distressed look I wanted I need to give a good dry brushing with some of my favorite stain! As you can tell by the messy can it gets used a LOT! It does because the color is perfection.

I do apologize for not getting a pic of this step but you have to move fast when doing it and it’s pretty darn messy.

Here’s the scoop. I basically brush a light coat of the stain onto one section at a time of the shelf.  allow the stain to sit for maybe 30 seconds and then quickly wipe it off with a cloth.  repeat this until the entire shelf has been coated and wiped clean.

Once the stain is dry you can see that the color is a bit darker and richer than before and it is also almost a perfect match to the wall print frames I purchased for another wall in my office!

Since much of my new offices’ decor is a bit more ‘modern’ I’m really loving that I have one or two distressed pieces to that vintage touch that I love so much! It really is what the modern farmhouse style is all about.

I hope today’s project has inspired you to take a second look at those ‘not so pretty’ items you find at yard sales and thrift stores. Use your imagination.

The possibilities are endless!



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Have a FABULOUS Friday!


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