Happy Friday, ya’ all!
It’s a beautiful fall day, here in our neck
of the woods-so I made an apple crisp this morning,
and I just too it out of the oven!

Why don’t you come 
on in and join me for a slice-while I answer
one of the TOP questions I’ve been asked since
I started this old blog?

Don’t worry-it won’t take long-but just in 
case your not convinced-how about I share
a few touches of fall that I’ve added
to our home while I do it?
Sound good?  Okay-here we go!
So what is the number one question I get asked here
at CD’s Country Living?
“Why don’t you have a home tour on your blog?”
Great question!
And boy do I have an answer for you.

A little over two years ago-hubby and I had an important
decision to make. We could either stay in our 100+yr old
home and begin the long and difficult journey of renovating it,
or do a new build.
The idea of having a new home really appealed to hubby.  It would
be a fresh start-and we could make it OUR home.

But I wasn’t convinced a new home was right for us at the time.
Of course the fact that I’d fallen in love with the character of this old home
the moment I first saw it, might have something to do with my choice!  I saw it’s potential, and wanted
to restore it to the glorious home that it had once been.

In the end, hubby gave in, and of course we stayed.

And so the process of renovations began.  Room by room-
and on a VERY limited budget.

  Unfortunately, the moment  we started stripping wallpaper
and tearing down ceilings-we realized there were more
underlying problems.

Crumbling plaster-water damage-mold-the list goes on and on!

All of which caused delays and major strains on our budget, and sometimes the progress of our renovation had to come to a SCREECHING halt!

It was during these ‘down’ times-that I would often ask myself, (as did hubby) why in the world I’d

chosen this worn out old home over a new one!

If I had a new house-all I would need to do is move in- add some pretty touches to every
room-and VIOLA-it would be home. Right? 

But then I would think about all the family gatherings we’ve had in this
old house.  All the laughter-all the new beginnings-all the joys
and yes, sadness.  So many WONDERFUL memories that
make a home-a home.

So the answer to that very important questions-is, unfortunately, our home is VERY

much a work in progress.  
There are still ceilings and wallpaper that need to be torn down in many
of the rooms.
Walls need repair before they can get a fresh coat of paint.
And floors that need to be sanded and stained..

But  even though all of
the rooms in our home are NOT complete-and I can’t
share them with you…yet…

Just know you are always welcome in our home.

 And I hope you come back often as we share the
continued renovations on our home, the treasures
we find and make to fill it!

Puffy Lux

Blessings and hugs,

Let’s keep in touch!

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