How to turn a plain- inexpensive Dollar Store item into pretty Christmas decor for the mantel.


Okay, sweet friends! I have a confession to make.

This project is SOOOO darn easy that I almost didn’t even write a post about it.

And then I thought-who doesn’t like easy?

Better yet, who doesn’t like affordable?

So here I am.

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Now, for those of you who have been following along, you know I’m not the craftiest person in the world.

I couldn’t sew a button on if I tried and don’t get me started about my inability to cut a straight line.

But sometimes, even when I’m not looking for it, crafting finds me.

Like a week or so ago when I was shopping at my local Dollar Store.

Side note: I just love that place. Not only is everything affordable but they also have cute decor, pretty dishes, gorgeous ribbon and wrapping paper, and a craft department that has everything a crafty person could possibly need.

It came in the form of this very simple, not so sturdy, wooden reindeer.

I’m telling you right now folks. I took one look at that $2 reindeer and its partner(there were only two left), and for the first time in… well, a LONG time, I actually got excited to craft.

So the first thing to do was add a little something-something to the base to make it more solid so that the reindeer would not only be sturdy but also strong enough to hold a stocking.

Thankfully, we have a whole bunch of scrap wood on hand and I asked Michael if he wouldn’t mind finding me two pieces that were just a bit wider than the base and a tad longer. (Have I said lately how much I ADORE this man for always understanding what I need even though most times I have no clue myself?)

That amazing hubby of mine not only found the perfect piece of wood, he also cut it to the perfect measurements and gave each piece a nice routered edge!

And he even took photos!!!  I know. I’m so very blessed.

The next step (sorry didn’t get a photo of this) was to glue the base of the reindeer onto the piece of wood and clamp it down for a couple of hours until the glue dried.

Once the new base was completely dry, I sanded down the entire reindeer and then it was time for paint!

Since I’ve literally been swooning over all the dark blues popping up in magazines and social media, I decided to paint the reindeer this dark navy blue.

I also needed something to hang stockings on so I used these mini hooks.

I gave each reindeer two coats of paint (sanding with 220 grit paper) in between coats. I’ve used the Decor Art paints in the past and they hold up pretty well so I didn’t use any polyacrylic for this project.

After measuring for the center I screwed the hook in and VIOLA!

Simple-Affordable and SUPER CUTE Stocking Hangers!


The reindeer are definitely sturdy enough now to hold the furry (and hefty) stockings I picked up at Target’s Dollar Spot last year, along with a few stuffers later on.


I  added to the mantel pretty white houses that I also picked up at the Target Dollar Spot last year, some greenery, colored lights, and a few antique Christmas ornaments.

I still have more decorating to do, but for now, I think I’ll just turn on the fireplace and finish my morning coffee.

Fireplace Mantel decorated for Christmas-CHECK!

How are you decorating for the holidays?

Are you going simple- or all out?

Blessings and hugs,


3 thoughts on “Simple and Affordable DIY Stocking Hanger”

  1. I love these and a simple project is always awesome this time of year. That shade of blue is nice too, very soothing. Nice touch with the router edges, love that. We have one of those and my goal is to learn how to use it in 2019.

    1. Thank you, Carole! I LOVE simple projects, and that color is my latest crush for sure! I seriously want to paint everything in sight! As for the router, hubby offered a few pointers during this project and one other that has really helped build my confidence. I’m hoping I can take on a few projects and use my new skills in the new year too!

  2. This is a super cute idea! I love it. Right now I have those same hooks screwed into the bottom of my mantel. Maybe next year I can make something similar to this. Thanks for the inspiration CD!

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