Hello, sweet friends!
  I hope you are all having a SENSATIONAL weekend!
Yesterday hubby and I attended an annual family picnic
 and as usual, there was
plenty of food and fun!
I brought this incredibly decadent S’more Trifle
for dessert!

With layers of moist brownie, chocolate pudding,
graham cracker crumbs and creamy marshmallow filling…
what’s not to love!
Well, our family sure did!
And the best part is- you don’t need a campfire to enjoy
everyone’s favorite summer treat!
Which is why it made my list of favorites this week!

1. Favorite recipe- A BIG thank you to Sara, from the blog Mom Endeavors for the
chocolaty-sweet treat our whole family loved!
Now let’s take a look at some of my other favorites!

2. Favorite Re-purpose- Angie from Knick of Time is so darn creative!  Look what
she did with a broken chair!!!
3. Favorite knock off DIY- I’ve always wanted an orb or two-but never liked the price!  Who would have thunk you could make one so easily AND cheaply!  Well, Leanne, from Diva of DIY found a
way, and I absolutely LOVE them!!

4. Favorite Homemade Gift-Who doesn’t like a little spa treatment now and again?
I sure do-especially my poor tooties!!  They need a lot of TLC in the summer!
I just made a batch of Briana’s foot soak and I (and my feet) LOVE it!
5. Favorite Beverage- Who wouldn’t love a refreshing cocktail on
hot summer evening? Cami from the blog, The Crafty Nook whipped up a 
super easy recipe for Strawberry Pina Colada’s!  YUM!
6. Favorite Outdoor space: Carlene, from Organized Clutter has been
sharing her garden treasures and the GORGEOUS flowers that
fill them all week!  They are definitely a MUST see!
Thank you to all these amazing folks who inspired me this week!
Do you have a favorite?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Blessings and hugs,

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