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Happy Wednesday, sweet friends!

First let me start by saying I had a post all ready to send out last Friday which included what’s been going on with us, but unfortunately, things didn’t quite go as planned. I know some of you emailed concerned you’d missed the last newsletter or it went to spam, but neither was the issue.

Secondly, I know you are all expecting a recipe post today, but instead, today I’m opening up and getting a little personal.

I may have mentioned a time or two on the blog that Michael has Diverticulitis. He’s had it for many years now.

At first, he had no idea what was causing his stomach issues, but shortly after we were married he had to go to the emergency because of it and that is when he was diagnosed.

Every Dr. we spoke to has a different reason why some people get this painful illness. Some believe it is heredity (Michael’s mom also had it). Other’s think it is not enough fiber in the diet, and other’s think it in foods like nuts, corn, and seeds that cause the irritation and eventual infection.

Ten years after the first major bout, Michael had two others, both requiring a stay in the hospital, so it was definitely time to do something long term.

AFTER MANY PRAYERS AND MUCH RESEARCH we decided Michael should undergo robotic surgery.

This past Wednesday I drove Michael into the hospital and after just under four hours his surgery was complete and about a foot of his colon that was diseased was removed.

The specialists claim that this will raise his chances of never getting a bout of diverticulitis to 85%!!! Those are darn good chances! Since the surgery was robotic and the incisions were small his surgeon also believes his recovery time should be cut in half.

We returned home late Friday afternoon and by Sunday Michael starting getting his appetite back and the pain was only minimal.

He will have some restrictions so work is out for at least two more weeks.

Getting through the fear of surgery.

During the day’s prior to Michael’s surgery, he would come up to my office after he returned home from work and say, “Let’s go sit on the front porch.” I would put whatever I was doing aside and go with him.

Both of us had concerns about the surgery.  Sure, we knew that the surgery had risks. Every surgery does. But we also feared it might not go as the surgeon hoped. If it didn’t, Michael would require a colostomy bag for at least six weeks and then yet another surgery.


We would sit on the porch swing together and we would hold hands and pray. We both believed with our whole hearts that our Lord was listening and that he would have the answers we sought. And he did.

He continued to each night up until the day of surgery.

Of course, just as we expected, Everything went according to God’s plan.

Holding it together.

The night after Michael’s surgery I arrived home late. I was so exhausted and although I had packed a healthy lunch, I’d barely eaten anything all day.

As I walked up to the steps to the front porch my legs were so weak from pacing that they felt like jello. All I really wanted to do was go to sleep but something drew me back to that sweet porch swing.

The moment I plopped down onto it I realized it wasn’t some-thing-it was some-one!

It was then that I finally allowed all of my emotions that had been built up for days and even months after we planned for the surgery out.

I had tried to be strong for Michael because I knew he needed me to be. He depended on that strength and he would continue to for quite some time. But for those few moments,

I was able to let go, and as I did I felt the lull of the swing beneath me, and before I knew it I was almost asleep. God knew what I needed. As he always does.

Our front porch has been a place of solace for as long as we’ve lived in this home. It’s been a place for us to enjoy our family and friends. A place of quiet. A place to soul search and daydream and a place to cry tears of joy or tears of frustration.

When Michael and I sit here in the morning enjoying a cup of coffee or the evenings chatting about our day, we feel at peace. We feel blessed and most of all we feel connected. It’s our happy place.

Wherever your happy place is I hope you go there often. And if it just happens to be a front porch, maybe you’d like to print off this free printable I created on Canva.

There are many different versions of this Porch Rules sign online so I used some of that wording and made up a bit of my own.

I’ve never been one to follow rules, but I think these are pretty good ones and I won’t have much problem following them.

I have a Trash to Treasure project coming where I plan to use this Printable. But for now, I placed it in a rustic frame and put it out on one of the tables on our porch!

The printable is 8.5″x 11″ and you can download it with the link below!

I’ll be adding it to my NEW free printable page!!! It will be one of many freebies that my amazing community will have access to!!  I’ll be sending the password for access in Friday’s newsletter!

Porch Rules

Also for those of you who were expecting a recipe instead of a visit to our front porch and a free printable? Well, I have one for you! I took a traditional recipe and amped it up!

Check out my Fabulous Fruit Pizza recipe here!


See you back here on Friday!











2 thoughts on “Our Front Porch +A Free Printable!”

  1. I’ve never been one to follow rules either but this time when you took the time to sit together on that front porch and pray was the best rule ever to follow. In prayer I find peace in all things even in the middle of a storm.

    I’ve learned no matter how strong I try to be for others God is always stronger. When I surrender and let him carry the weight things become a whole lot brighter.

    Glad his surgery was a success, what a blessing! I will continue to pray for you both and in the meantime do your best to enjoy this down time. I find these are the best moments to enjoy the company of one another without a list of things that need to be done.

    1. Amazing advice, as usual, Carole! Surrendering and letting God take over is definitely the best way to get past a negative bringing you down and to see things in a whole new light! Thank you so much for your prayers and friendship! It is times like these that we count on both! Blessings to you and Robert!

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