Nordic Posh Winter Tablescape

create a pretty winter centerpiece and place setting with touches of Scandinavian style and a bit of glam!

The one thing I LOVE about decorating is that there are no rules.

Oh sure, all those decorating web sites and magazines show what’s trending and what’s not.

And as a blogger who shares a bit of decorating herself, I do like to be relevant and inspiring.

For me, that means looking around the web for inspiration and then using that to create my own design style.

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That design style has definitely evolved over the years, but one thing has always remained the same.

I don’t follow any set rules. I go with what I like, and sometimes what I like isn’t always trendy or popular.

But that’s okay.

Today’s tablescape is a perfect example of that ‘do what you like’ design style.

It all started with one of the projects I did recently for the DIY Dollar Tree Challenge post.

I just fell in love with those sweet frosted mini trees and I decided to expand on that look a bit further.

Recently I’ve become obsessed with the simplicity of Scandinavian design, and though I’m not a fan of the modern version that is popular now,  I am of the use of natural materials, neutral (white) colors, and simple, clean lines.

These design qualities all speak to that good ole’ country girl side of me. But what you might not know is, I have a bit of a glam girl side too.

Puffy Lux

So I decided to mix these two design styles together and create a centerpiece that I could keep throughout the long-dreary winter months. But also one that I could slightly change or add to depending on my mood.

The best part of this Nordic Posh tablescape is that I didn’t have to spend a dime to create it. Some items I had, others were DIY projects and others repurposed. Starting with these wood grain charger plates. You might remember them from our Thanksgiving table.

The table setting is just simple everyday white plates and bowls. I ‘glammed’ it up a bit with my gold tableware.  Then I tied the napkin with a bit of faux greenery but you could certainly change it out for a pretty ribbon for a Christmas or New Years’ eve table.

I anchored the centerpiece with one of the mini trees from the DIY challenge, but this time I placed it in a pot that I sprayed painted a soft gold.

On either side of the potted tree is an acrylic reindeer. I received them as a Christmas gift years ago, and I absolutely adore their clean lines and how they shimmer in the twinkling lights. You could also use these classic white reindeer or even bronze ones like these.

Speaking of twinkling lights… I just added a few candles here and there to add more of that soft glow I just love this time of year.

Including these frosted candle holders that I made using Dollar Store glass orbs. All I did was pour a bit of glue inside, and sprinkle them with Epsom salt and glitter. Ta Da! A five minute DIY that adds a little wintery sparkle.


Of course, I couldn’t forget a bit of that ‘cozy’ vibe. So I took a piece of faux fur I had in my stash and laid it down the center of the table.

To add some more bling I placed two of my treasured antique Christmas balls and a few others to fill in space.

Although we aren’t hosting Christmas this year, I do plan on recreating this Nordic Posh tablescape for a small dinner party with friends after the holidays.

I love how wintery and sparkly everything looks under the twinkling lights of our dining room Christmas tree.

And to think that it all started with a mini Dollar Store tree, a little style attitude, and an endless imagination.

I didn’t come up with the style Nordic Posh, it’s been around for some time now. And my version? Well, it’s a bit different from the one shown in fancy magazines and websites. But I’m okay with that.

Because isn’t our home a place we should enjoy? And shouldn’t decorating it be fun and something we can ‘live’ in and feel cozy and comfortable too?

I sure think so. How about you?

What is your favorite design style? Do you have more than one?

We hope you enjoyed today’s Nordic Posh Winter Tablescape!

You can find more of our tablescape ideas here!


Happy Friday!






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5 thoughts on “Nordic Posh Winter Tablescape”

  1. This is so pretty and those frosted trees have grabbed my attention as well. Love the true, original Scandinavian design style and like you a little glam is fun too. Which would probalby really surprise others. Clean lines is where I seem to shine, even in the garden. Wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, we’re getting ready to head to the coast for a few days. Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much, Carole! I’m not surprised at all that you have a little glam girl in you too! The frosted trees really are a favorite of mine too this year, as is clean line design. You definitely shine in the garden friend!!! Merry Christmas to you and Robert! Have fun and be safe on the coast!!! Hugs!!!

  2. Your table is beautiful!! I love the centerpiece with the small tree and the reindeer. Adding the candles is such a nice touch. Candles make everything seem cozier. Beautiful job!

  3. I’d never heard of Nordic Posh but you did a great job with all the neutral accents. Would you be able to take a wide angle photo of your holiday table? I’d love to see how everything looks put together vs. closeup of just the centerpiece. I thought I saw a Christmas tree? Have you decorated your home for Christmas yet? Any chance of a Christmas tour of your home after all your hard work/remodeling projects this year? I bet it looks gorgeous. I’ve been hoping to see your finished kitchen and remodeled office for some inspiration. Maybe in the new year? Merry Christmas to you and yours! 🎅🏻🎄

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