Ten ways to pamper and say I LOVE YOU to the Mom in your life!

Can you believe Mom’s day is less than ten days away?!!!

This year, like every year Michael and I have been pondering for days on what to get our mom’s.

I know the saying ‘they have everything’ seems a bit cliche, and of course not entirely true, but our moms have been blessed with a great deal.

We are SO grateful most importantly that they both have their health and are still able to live and enjoy their beautiful homes.

And if you can bet that if you asked them what they needed (or wanted) for Mother’s day you would get pretty much the same answer from both. “Nothing.”

Which is why I decided to write this post.

Because I guarantee that some of you are doing the same thing as Michael and I are. You’re pondering. Your stewing. You’re racking your brain and for the life of you, you just can’t come up with anything that your mom needs, never mind wants that you haven’t already given her every single mother’s day before!

But worry no more! I’ve got some great ‘new’ gift ideas and some old with new twists, along with a few easy tips to make this Mom’s day the best ever!

So let’s get started!

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  1. Burt’s Bee’s skin and lip care-

My daughter got me started on Burt’s Bee’s products several years ago and I swear by them still today! I LOVE all of their products, but I especially LOVE their tips and toe kit! This is the perfect gift for ANY mom, especially this time of the year when we all want to wear pretty sandals but our feet are all dry and icky from winter.

**GIFT TIP-Fill a pretty basket with the tips and toe kit, a nail file, pumice stone, nail clippers, a bright -fun nail polish, a bottle of nail polish remover and a foot soak!

2. Aero Garden System-

Oh my goodness friends! If you haven’t heard of this next idea you’re probably going to be blown away like I was! You see My mom has been struggling for years with arthritis and for the last two years, it has made it very hard for her to do any gardening. My niece and I make sure her flower gardens are weeded and maintained, but we just don’t have time to care for another vegetable or herb garden too. These INCREDIBLE indoor garden systems are the perfect gift idea for her! She doesn’t have to worry about forgetting to water or feed the plants because, once these systems are set up, they practically take care of themselves. The control panel reminds you when to water when to feed and even turn the lights off and on.

3. Water Resistant Tote-

I bought this bag last year to take on a three-day trip Michael and I had planned. It’s the perfect size for an overnight bag, or for longer trips, you could use it for makeup and toiletries. It has large zippered pockets and it’s completely water resistant! Young moms can use it as ‘prettier’ diaper bag, or beach bag for kiddo’s toys!!

***GIFT TIP: Add a soft beach towel, pretty flip flops, sunscreen, and a sun hat and mom is ready for an afternoon at the beach or grandkids baseball game!

4. Personalized Birthstone Necklace-

Although I’m not much of a jewelry gal, both of our mom’s are! And something so personal as the birthstones of their kids or grandkids with their initials too! Well, that would just push them right over the happiest mom moment edge for sure!

GIFT TIP: Add a little bit more love to this gift by having your siblings or the grandkids right a special note to mom (grandmom) telling her how much she means to them. She’ll want to wear the necklace every day, and the notes? They will be cherished forever!

5. An inspirational book-

I personally think every woman should read this book (LOVE!), but if it’s not your mom’s cup of tea-buy a book that is! Or, if she’s an on the go mom, get her a membership to an audible book club and suggest a few inspiring tales that she can read in the bathtub, on the beach, or just in her favorite chair when its time to unwind after a busy day.

6.Family Picture Frame-

I received a picture frame similar to this one a few years ago and it still is my FAVORITE! #1 because it’s engraved especially for me-and #2 It’s super easy to switch out photo’s whenever I want! You can buy one like this to hang on the wall or a desktop one for mom’s office! Either way, she’ll LOVE being able to display photos of her favorite peeps!

***GIFT TIP: Have the frame engraved with a favorite quote or saying of mom’s. + make sure to attach some unique and special photo’s of you, grandkids or even fur babies! And add a few extras so she can switch them out from time to time!

7. A good set of headphones-

When I started my ‘get healthier’ vibe this year, the first thing I purchased was a good (but not expensive) set of headphones for my daily exercise and walk. Since I hate earbuds, I chose an over the ear set and they are SO comfortable that I not only use them on my daily walk but also when I want to watch a movie or listen to music off my computer and phone.

GIFT TIP: Add these to the audible book club membership (above) or pair them with mom’s favorite DVD or cd.

8. Scented Candle-

I’m a HUGE fan of soy candles(they burn long and clean) and this brand is definitely one of my favorites! For those of you who have been following along you know I ADORE all things lemon so guess which scent I purchased first! You got it! Lemon! Lemongrass to be exact! But I also love their Fresh Linen too!

***GIFT TIP: Create a spa gift basket using one of these wonderful candles, a face mask, hair mask, headband, cozy slippers, and a mini massager.


9. Gift Card- 

I used to think that gift cards were so impersonal. Not anymore! In fact, gift cards are one of my FAVORITE gifts to get! It’s a free shopping spree and who doesn’t love that? Mom will! Because she can buy whatever she wants whenever she wants!

GIFT TIP: If you want to make it more personal, give a gift card to mom’s favorite store, spa, and/or restaurant. Attach a note saying you’d love to join her for a day of shopping, lunch out, or a day at the spa! She’ll love the gift but she’ll love the fact you’re going to spend time with her even more!

10. Fresh flowers-

Last, but certainly not least, if all else fails and you just can’t come up with any ideas for mom this year, then don’t forget fresh flowers! And trust me, they don’t have to cost big $$$ to blow mom away! Trader Joes has GORGEOUS flowers, as does Walmart for under $20! And if mom lives far away then here’s my last tip!

GIFT TIP: Call or go online to teleflora.com!

They have beautiful flower arrangements and they try to use local florist shops for fresh and speedy deliveries! They also send you an email to let you know when they have delivered your bouquet! So you’ll know exactly when Mom oohs and awes and tells the FedEx driver you’re the best son or daughter ever!

So there are my top 10 Mom Day Gift ideas!

There is definitely something for all mom’s out there and maybe a little something-something for you too!

Pin these ideas and tips for later!



Happy Shopping and Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Guide”

  1. Enjoyed your email this morning! Beautiful flowers and thanks for the reminder to take a day for ourselves and enjoy. I’m doing that more often and it makes such a difference. Enjoy a Happy Mothers day friend.


    1. Aw, Thank you, sweet friend! I woke up this morning and those flowers immediately put I smile on my face! I’m so glad you are taking time for you! I truly believe it is such a necessity now more than ever! Wishing you a blessed and HAPPY Mother’s Day!

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