Happy Monday, ya’ all!

I suppose you could say I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up! 

Which is why I’ve been off the grid these past two weeks, taking some additional training for work.

I guess a little ‘extra’ knowledge and experience never hurt anyone, but let’s just say this old gal’s brain has been on a definite OVERLOAD!

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reflect on my new found wisdom, because things just got a little crazier around here!

Yes folks, that living room makeover I’ve been eluding to for months now-has FINALLY begun, and our house is already looking like a war zone!

There are windows to replace-wall paper to strip-and a crumbling ceiling that desperately needs repaired!  These are just a few of the projects-and I promise to share all the good-bad-and yes, ugly as our latest room makeover unfolds!

On another note-has mother nature forgot spring, or what?


Seriously-here in our neck of the woods, it’s been so darn cold-with little sunshine and blustery winds (25-45) that it feels like winter all over again!

It sure makes it hard to keep that ole’ spring fever I had in March going, but the temperatures are expected to get up in the 70’s later this week-so we will see…

Speaking of spring-I bet you can’t guess what I used this broken back of a chair for!!

Trash to Treasure-Before

Come on back tomorrow and I’ll share how I turned this trash into a SPRING treasure!

Until then-have a FABULOUS Monday!


Blessings and hugs,







2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings and More!”

    1. I think you folks in Illinois have had worse weather than us, Carrie! We have 70 degree temps today and predicted for this weekend-so all I can say is..YIPPEE!! Thanks for stopping by, and have a blessed weekend!

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