The weather has been SUPER hot and humid here in our neck of the woods, for the past week!  I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the ‘cooler’ temps that are expected later this week!

Speaking of this week…

Things have been so crazy busy with work and repairs and remodeling on our home, that I’ve been feeling just a tad bit burned out lately.

I know that has been reflected-here on the blog-and I truly apologize to all of you who come to visit, hoping to be inspired!

With that said-Hubby and I will be spending this week enjoying a MUCH needed vacation-where we plan to rest, relax, and spend plenty of time with our families.

I will be back tomorrow night for the hop-but plan to spend the remainder of the week unplugged!

My hope is to come back on August 1st -rejuvenated -refreshed-and filled with tons of inspiring ideas!

Until then…

Blessings and hugs,




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