Happy Monday, ya’ all!

I know I haven’t spent much time here at the blog lately-and I apologize for that.

Unfortunately, my focus has  to be on work right now, and of course, our living room makeover!

As I promised-hubby and I will be taking you on this journey-step by step-with all the good-bad…

and ugly! 

I have a lot more to share with you all…but here’s a sneak peak at some of the ugly! 

Living Room Makeover-During

This is what our walls look like after two days of stripping layers of wallpaper off!!  Yes folks, those wonderful marks all over the plaster is GLUE!!!  Lots and lots of glue! (For those of you who still have wallpaper and want it gone-I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks for removing it without any fancy equipment or expensive chemicals!)

And if that GIGANTIC project wasn’t enough-we also tore down the drop ceiling this weekend.

Guess what surprises we found above that??

Living Room Makeover-removing ceiling  Yep, MORE wallpaper (3 layers to be exact) and worse yet-the plaster on the ceiling has crumbled in four different areas!

Initially we had hoped to keep the original ceiling, but alas, that just isn’t possible. 

On a good note, Nicole Curtis would still be so proud of us for what we are able to keep original to the home-thanks to my genius of a hubby!

Living Room Makeover-Repairing windows

Can anyone guess what is hanging from the rope?  If you guessed a weight you are WAY smarter than me!  I’ll be sharing how hubby saved us money AND improved our home, by keeping the original windows!!! 

Until then, I’m off to remove MORE wall paper and sand down walls!


Have an AWESOME Monday.  I’ll see you back here tomorrow!!


Blessings and hugs,


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings and More!”

  1. Check out my DIY Wall Spackle – Love this – they probably call it something else in the real world. In my home it’s Spackle. We have tiles over the dry wall, I couldn’t believe it. So my husband ripped out the tiles in our bathroom a couple weekends ago and used wood for the ceiling. Oh my it’s amazing! I think it was pine comes in a package at lowes. It fits together and you cut the length to fit and hammer in place. LOVE LOVE IT. Your windows are amazing! Google this but I think warm water helps remove wall paper. Excited to see more!

    1. I guess great minds think alike, Carole!! I won’t say why, now, but look for a future post on my EASY-and budget friendly way to remove layers of wallpaper!! 🙂 As for the ceiling, we were just thinking drywall-but now I am TOTALLY intrigued!! I will definitely look up the wood option!!! Thank you so much for stopping by, and as always, for your AMAZING insight!!

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