Have you ever had one of those projects that seems to have no end?

That no matter how much time and effort you put into it, it feels like it will never….ever…be complete?

Our living room is just such a project.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I am partly-mostly responsible for this room makeover moving at such a snail’s pace.

I’m the one who decided that EVERYTHING (except the couch and loveseat) had to go.

That meant starting completely from scratch.

New curtains-rug-slipcovers-and of course accessories needed to be purchased.  Never mind the fact that we needed furniture to fill the VERY empty space!

It was definitely going to be a challenge, but I was up for it.

Until I began shopping for some of the major items and found that the top three would eat up the majority of our remaining budget!!

So it was time for some good old fashioned DIY and re-purpose!

Which brings me to this sad media stand that I happily moved to hubby’s man cave when we gutted the living room.



Before-Media Stand

We purchased this stand shortly after we were married to accommodate hubby’s big screen TV.  It was one of those ‘no thought’ purchases.  You know the kind.  You need something fast-and you buy it without thinking of the consequences.

Like the fact that when we removed the carpet in our living room a year later-the media stand matched the wood floor perfectly.

And don’t get me started on the glass doors.

I hated this media stand.

With a passion.

But then I remembered the meager budget I had left.

And I realized that maybe-just maybe-this stand had potential.

Removing Door and shelves.jpg

Let me first start by saying that no REAL wood was harmed during this project.  This is straight up big box store faux-folks!

First Coat of Paint

So if you guess that I would paint it-you are absolutely right!  Here’s what it looked like after only ONE coat of Waverly Chalky Paint in Elephant.

No more faux wood!  Now we’re talking.


Once the paint dried completely (1 hour)-I sanded it all down with 120 grit sandpaper-adding a little ‘distress’ here and there to give it that extra ‘character’ I LOVE!


After I had the look I wanted-I wiped it down with a clean cloth and gave the entire piece(including the two shelves) 2 coats of poly!

Once the poly dried (overnight), it was time to replace the cardboard backing.

My first choice was bead board-but when went to our local Home Depot-they were out of the single sheets, so we went with a sheet of 1/4″ plywood. ($8.00)

Staining Back of Media Stand

I wasn’t too keen on the color of the plywood-so I decided to give it a coat of stain (MINWAX-Early American ). At this point, I could have just nailed the plywood onto the back and been done-but…..

Cutting Board for back of Media Stand

Now that the media stand was now going to be open-I wanted the back to have some character as well.  So it was time to get out the saw and cut the sheet of plywood into strips.  This was also my chance to get my first training lesson from hubby on the saw! For this project-hubby measured each strip (5 total) at 5 3/8″.  Don’t ask me why he chose that specific number-he’s the pro-I’m just the student.  When all the strips were cut-we simply nailed them in place on the back of the media stand.

Inside Media Stand

I LOVE the rustic look that the wood planks give the stand.

Before and After Media Stand

Since I already had most of the material for the project on hand the total cost for this HUGE transformation cost a mere $8.00 for the plywood!

After-Media Stand

I also traded TV’s with hubby (he got the big screen for his man cave), so I would have space on the media stand for a few accessories.  I’m sure I will be changing it out before the big reveal but I’m SUPER thrilled that we have ONE more piece of furniture in our living room!

Would you have given new life to this old media stand, or kept it as is?  I’d love to hear! Leave me a comment or send me an email!

And don’t forget to check out more of my furniture makeover here!

Blessings and hugs,


7 thoughts on “Media Stand Makeover”

    1. It sure is, Jennifer! I probably would have kept it as is (without the doors of course), if the finish hadn’t blended in with our hardwood floors! Have a great weekend!

  1. I Love this – I just painted a bench grey that I’m sharing next week. This cabinet looks fantastic and you used my favorite stain. The simplicity of this is fantastic!

  2. HI C.D.
    Love your makeover. I am really into gray shades right now and this one is great looking. I’ll have to keep that shade in mind for my next paint project!

    1. Thank you, Patti! The Waverly paint and this color have recently become one of my favorites! The paint is cheap (Walmart) and it goes on perfectly! Have a great 4th of July weekend!

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