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I remember attending a Paint and Sip Wine class with a friend of mine a few years back.

It was kind of strange pairing for me.  I’m not a huge fan of wine and the only painting I’ve ever done is on the walls inside our house. But halfway into the evening I was really enjoying myself and it wasn’t because of the wine, that’s for sure!

Nope. It was because of the amazing instructor we had! I swear that gal had the patience of a saint!!!  With her gentle prodding and many words of encouragement, we all left the class feeling proud of ourselves and the art we created.

One major thing I learned after attending this class was it takes a special kind of person to teach a craft. They have to be able to share their knowledge, experience, and passion in a way that others can not only understand but also enjoy. My dear, sweet friend, Carole from the blog, Garden up Green, is just such a person!

You might remember Carole as one of the talented ladies I’ve joined up with over the years for BLOG HOPS. It was through these hops that I first had a chance to get to know Carole.

Carole started her own blog five years ago.  Her hope was to share her vast knowledge of gardening and raising quail, along with craft and woodworking projects. Over time, Carole learned the art of pairing photos and a thorough tutorial with her project posts.  Her readers loved it and her audience began to grow. It was obvious to many that Carole had a real knack for teaching!  Soon she was able to share her skills outside the blog and teach workshops for Texas Home and Garden.

Each workshop Carole taught helped hone her organizational and people skills. As you can see her hands-on instructing and gentle ‘cheerleading’ helped her students to create and enjoy the process too!

Now Carole has taken her skills and knowledge one step further and written a FABULOUS new ebook!

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own small business by teaching your craft or a favorite hobby, Carole’s book Make and Take Workshops-Turn your Craft into Cash has you covered!

Here’s what you will learn:
  1. How to teach a class– Find your teaching style and make it work for you!
  2. Setting up a workshop– You’ll learn everything from layout to location, class size, and even what supplies you’ll need!
  3. Affiliate opportunities-Get the facts about how affiliate programs work. Learn about referrals, free products, and more!
  4. Marketing your new business- Learn about setting your price for workshops, establishing an online presence, advertising, and social media.

This ebook is LOADED with resources to help with every aspect of turning your craft into cash! Carole has even included a workbook so you can start putting your business plan into action right away!

Puffy Lux

But wait there’s more!

Carole even shares examples of some of the projects she taught in her classes. The inspiration alone is priceless!


You can grab a copy of Carole’s new ebook here.  BONUS! Carole’s giving all my AMAZING readers a discount. All you have to do is enter the code mt101!

I know you’re going to love Carole’s new book! And while you’re over at Garden up Green, why don’t you stay awhile? Check out her other books and latest posts too!

Happy Friday, sweet friends!




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