Looking Back at 2019 & What’s New for 2020!

I’m sharing some highlights from last year along with plans for the new year!

Happy New Year, sweet friends!!

I know I’ve said it before, but how is it possible a new year is already in full swing?

And not just a new year, a new DECADE too!!

Gosh, I just can’t believe how fast both went.

2019 was definitely a busy year for us.

Especially when it came to remodeling our old house.

It all started when I decided to organize our kitchen cabinets and create a pantry.

It seems I wasn’t the only pantry-less (not a word) person out there! Many of you emailed me saying you had been wanting one like me but just didn’t know where to put it.

Once the cabinets were organized it was time to get rid of our nasty wall oven and replace it with another vision I had.

Creating a Baking station to hold all my supplies was the plan but it ended up being so much more!

Michael came up with the idea to add the drawers for more storage and now all my cooking and baking supplies are in one location! How sweet is that? You all must have thought so too because this post went viral a few weeks after I hit publish! It was super humbling to read all the lovely comments and emails and I was over the moon happy that post inspired some of you to create a space of your own, even if it wasn’t in the kitchen!!

The last BIG project we did in our kitchen before moving onto another space was to update the countertops and install a backsplash. It wasn’t until recently that I realized I never shared the end results with you all!!! I’ll be fixing that real soon. (More on that later in the post.)

Puffy Lux

The next room to get a ‘refresh’ was our downstairs powder room. That space may have been super tiny but it ended up being a HUGE project!!  It also took a bit longer than we’d planned but we actually came in under budget which was AMAZING!  And we shared it all right here-including how to lay vinyl flooring, install a faux shiplap wall and of course, the final reveal! 

Decorating our home with thrift store items I ‘reinvented’ also kept me busy this past year.

Here were your top three favorites!

Those vases! Uff da! I really struggled with them! I didn’t like how they initially turned out at all, and I was so mad at myself for publishing the post because in my opinion they just weren’t worthy of you all. So I came clean and tried one more time and absolutely LOVED the end result! You all must have too because the vase post went viral too!!

Nothing makes my heart happier to know these projects inspired folks to create something for their own homes.

Nothing except maybe creating something yummy from our kitchen. Which I did plenty of too past year.

Here were your top 3 favorites!

Along with all the things we did accomplish and share on the blog, there were a couple of things that didn’t quite go as planned.

For those who follow along, you might remember that we decided mid-year that CD’s Country Living no longer fit well as the name of our blog. We asked you all if you had any ideas and boy did you!!! Your ideas were amazingly creative and fun and after much discussion, we finally did decide on one. Unfortunately, life happened and we (meaning me) never got around to doing the background work to make the change happen.

I also had planned on creating a few helpful (and fun pages) for you all, like a home tour page but again, life happened and that didn’t.

Which leads me to the here and now.

Life does happen- and that’s okay. So too is setting goals, but sometimes we can’t always meet those goals, and that’s okay too!

Which brings me to the here and now.


The beginning of a new year, and indeed a new decade.

It promises already to be a great one, and for Michael and me, we have set few goals of our own and couldn’t be more excited.


We’ll be sharing more details in a later post, but we wanted you all to know that after much discussion and even more praying, we have decided it is time to put our current home on the market and move on to bigger (actually smaller) and better things.

So what does that mean for this blog?

For now…nothing.

Our plan is to complete a few minor projects (which we will share with you) before placing our home up for sale in the spring.

Since we haven’t decided on a new build or putting our love into a new home, we thought it would be fun to share that whole process with you too!  We’ve already gone over house plans and toured a few homes, (and we have more planned this month) so I can’t wait to get your input!!

And since we will be here in the spring I have garden ideas that I’m sure the new homeowners and hopefully you too will appreciate! Psst….one of them involves these GORGEOUS peonies!!

I also have SO many decorating plans and ideas for our new home and I can’t wait to see what your thoughts are on all of it!!

Of course, last but certainly not least, there’s all that yumminess I just can’t help sharing from my kitchen! I promise to WOW your socks off with some delish and yes, even ‘healthier’ recipes, and I’ll tell you why later this month!

If you can’t tell I’m SUPER excited about 2020 and all that it already promises to bring!

Love, JOY, Peace, Happiness, Security, Prosperity… all these things I wish for you in the new year.

We would also love if you continued to follow us on our journey!!!






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4 thoughts on “Looking Back at 2019 & What’s New for 2020!”

  1. So many neat things you accomplished in 2019 and how exciting to be heading towards a new adventure. Building new – that’s awesome and something you’ll appreciate when it’s all said and done. Here’s to 2020 and true happiness… I’ve wasted a lot of time over the years on stress and decided that living with less and so simple just works best. Happy New Year Friend!

    1. Aw, Thank you, friend! I too am praying for true happiness in 2020, and I’m SO on board with your living less and simple! It’s going to be my mantra this year for sure!!! Blessings to you and Robert! Have a great weekend!!

  2. It’s fun to look back at your older posts and see your progress. The powder room looks amazing!! I’m so excited for you guys and moving!! I cannot wait to see your new updates! 😀

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