Do I sound excited, or what???
Well, I guess you could say I am.
After all this rain we’ve been having-it sure is nice to see that golden globe shining bright, and putting a smile on everyone’s face!
I spent the morning in my working in my office……….

But this afternoon I just couldn’t resist taking a stroll outside.
Of course-with all this rain, the weeds have really grown.
So I grabbed a bucket from the garden shed, and with Bentley at my side…..
We got rid of every one!!!
While I was busy fertilizing all of the potted veggies and flowers …..
I noticed that my ‘assistant’ had suddenly disappeared.
But I knew exactly where he’d be-sitting in his favorite ‘comfy’ spot by the big bay window.
Bentley and I hope that this holiday
you are all surrounded by FAMILY
you have much FUN
and you eat tons of delicious FOOD!!!
 P.S.  I want to say thank you to you all for stopping by-leaving amazing comments, and supporting me during this NEW journey I am on.  This is my seventh month blogging-and I’m loving every minute of it!
I love you all too!!!

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