Remodeling an outdated half bath with a modern farmhouse style on a budget!

It’s been a L-O-N-G time coming but I can finally say that our downstairs half bath is DONE!

Can I get a YIPPEE!

Whew! I gotta tell you, folks!  This remodel really kicked our butts!

But before I get to that, let me show you what this half bath looked like when we started.

Functional-yes. Pretty-Um no! But we lived with it because there were other rooms in this house that needed work more than this one.

But once we decided to do the room there was no going back. This was a complete gut job!

First came that ugly drop down ceiling and bump out.

Next came the paneling-along with that not so pretty and very much outdated wallpaper border.

And last, but certainly not least-the three layers of linoleum flooring. Everything was going pretty good until this point and then we found our first big issue. The floor was not only in pretty bad shape but it was also sagging in several spots. I won’t go into all that in this post but you can check out what we did to fix it and get our full tutorial on installing vinyl tile flooring here.

The next step was to do some electrical re-wiring and once that was completed we could start installing the drywall.

We also chose to install a faux shiplap wall behind the sink. You can find that full tutorial here!

Speaking of the sink. It was given to us by our kids as motivation to start this project several years prior. Unfortunately, when we attempted to install it the plumbing was way off so Mr. Handyman-aka Michael had to switch hats and make some changes so we could still use the sink.

The last and final detail was to install brand new baseboard trim and trim around the doors and one window. We used 1×4 pine for this.

Once that was done I grabbed my paintbrush and painted all the walls, trim and ceiling a bright-clean white.

Now that I had a clean and I mean CLEAN slate to work with it was time for some decorating. So first, let’s talk mirrors for a sec, shall we? I wanted- okay so I HAD to have, a round mirror for this space because frankly, I liked the look of one versus square.

Unfortunately, the cost of a round mirror in the size we needed was double that of a square. I’m talking $150 or more! Unless of course, I wanted one made out of plastic or hung by a rope, which I didn’t. I also didn’t have the budget for the spendier mirrors either.


I had almost given up on a round mirror and then I came across this one online. It was the perfect size I needed but again, it also hung from a rope.

But after taking a closer look I realized the piece where the rope connected to the mirror was on the back side and it was big enough that my handyman of a husband could shave off each piece quite nicely with his Dremel tool. So I bought it and that’s exactly what he did. After the hooks were removed I simply touched up the bare spots with some bronze paint. Super easy fix and the mirror only cost $24.99 with free shipping! This little corner also received a new light fixture and towel rack-both in a bronze finish.

The door which leads to the basement also received a makeover. First, Michael sanded it down, then I gave it three coats of fresh paint. I also gave the antique doorknob and hardware a good scrubbing and we installed a new kick plate in black.

Since we removed that lovely built-in sink(LOL) we no longer had any storage space so I went in search next for a shelving unit. Again, trying to find one in my budget was not easy, but good ole’ Walmart saved the day! This shelf was the perfect size to hang over the toilet!

I added fresh towels and a few other much-needed items for guests.  I also couldn’t resist hanging this vintage sign I picked up years ago at a yard sale. Ya’ all know how much I love a little aqua in my life!


The far wall next to the entry received a little wall art! I saw a sign similar to this one at our daughter’s the last time we visited and I just had to make one of my own. I picked up the pretty frame at a thrift store for $1 and I printed off the saying from Word for free. A little humor next to the toilet is always a good thing, don’t you think?

New curtains for the window came next, along with two picture frames I picked up at another thrift store for .25 each. I purchased two vintage looking patents for a toilet and toilet paper to fill each frame but sadly they are on back order.



Finally, we replaced the entry door to the bathroom with one we found at a local Restore It for $25. All it needed was a few coats of paint and a new door knob and it looks brand new!



The “before” version of this bathroom was so dark and dingy and so outdated that I was truly embarrassed whenever guests needed to use it. Now I’m over the moon happy with how light and bright it is!

And I think we gave the space just enough farmhouse character and charm to make it feel warm and welcoming. Well, as warm and welcoming as a bathroom can feel.


For those interested here is a list of the room’s resources and cost for each. (Links are not affiliates just for your convenience.)

Sink/faucet- Home Depot- gift

Mirror- Kirkland’s– $24.99

Light Fixture- Walmart – $30

Floor Tile- Floor Pops (Walmart)- $9.97 for 10 tiles we purchased 4 boxes of 10

Wall Shelf- Walmart-$ 27.00

Accessories-Hobby Lobby-$25.00


Picture Frames-Thrift Store $1.25

Toilet-Home Depot-$150


Materials-(Drywall, subfloor, paint, trim, mud, tape, screws, etc)-$200/approx/


Initially, we had budgeted $500 for this half bath but we ended up just under $375. I’d say that’s a total WIN for this budget conscious DIY couple!



But of course that ‘extra’ will get spent regardless! Because we have one final room to finish on the first level of our home and that is the kitchen. There have been some delays with getting the countertops, etc, but I’m hoping we can wrap that project up before summer begins!

What projects do you have planned for the summer? Indoors? Outdoors? Let me know in the comments or send me an email at!

Wishing you a FABULOUS weekend!



2 thoughts on “Half Bath Final Reveal!”

  1. This looks so great – love how y’all are transforming this house. I know it’s a lot of work but it sure is coming together. All those little details just make it special.

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