Happy Thursday!

We are still on the coast soaking up the sun and checking out all the sights, but I thought while I had a few minutes to spare, I’d pop in for a quick post!

The flowers in my garden were just starting to bloom, prior to leaving for Oregon last Sunday.  I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics of their the morning before we left.

 I have several colors of daffodils-but these lovelies were the only ones showing their pretty faces that day!

 My red and yellow tulips were just about to open….

 And I absolutely love the combination of both colors on this one!

My niece, Mandy said she emailed me some more photo’s of our blooming garden-including my grand bleeding heart-which wasn’t blooming before I left, but is now!  I can’t wait to see it!
I haven’t had time to edit many of our vacation photo’s-but I’ll share a few anyway….

I haven’t had time to edit any photo’s while on vacation, but I thought I’d share a few…..

 This view is from the deck-which runs the entire front of the house!!! 

 It has been so wonderful to wake up to the sound of the roaring waves…and sit on the deck, sipping a cup of coffee as the sun comes up!

 Monday morning I went for a walk on the beach for the first time. (I’ve never been to the West Coast.)-Even though the water was cold, I couldn’t resist stepping in. 

I even found some treasures on my long walk down the beach, which I’ll be taking home my suitcase!

We are all having  such a good time- especially the ‘children’. 

And hubby….who sure enjoyed all the toys that they had on display at the Air Museum we toured!

But I think the best fun of all for hubby and his three children-was to see the house from the movie- “The Goonies!”

I’ll have many more photo’s to come-but for now-I’m getting back outside to soak up some more sunshine!

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