Happy Monday!

 I hope you all had a blessed weekend!  As I mentioned in Friday’s post-hubby and I packed up the car that afternoon, and made the 3 hour trip to my daughter, Mel’s for the weekend!

  The next day we attended a shower that Mel and Andy’s WONDERFUL friends put on for them.  What fun we had-and delicious food too!  I’ll be sharing some photo’s on Mel’s page-as soon as I make some changes to it!!!

Saturday night we celebrated an early Christmas by opening gifts and laughing until our sides hurt, telling stories of past Christmas’. (I think the one where I burned the bacon wrapped chestnuts gets told at least three times every year!)

It sure was hard to leave on Sunday-but the happy news is-we’ll be going back soon when that little bundle of joy is born!!!

But before that happens-I have to get ready for the rest of our crew-who are gathering together at our house this year on Christmas eve!!

Thankfully, the menu is planned-the food is purchased-the Christmas treats are baked

And yes, I’m FINALLY done decorating the house!!!  Let’s get started in the living room…..

Where you’ll find our main Christmas tree-decorated with MANY cherished memories!


Like this cute little gingerbread man that Mel made way back in kindergarten!!  (It may have had to be glued a time or two!)

And this year we have a new addition tucked under the tree- hubby received this train set for Christmas when he was eight years old!!

Next stop is the dining room…..

This is the first year I’ve actually had a mantel-which probably explains why I had such a difficult time deciding on how to decorate it!

Have I told you how happy I am that I painted the built in’s in here?  Well, I am-and I loved decorating them for Christmas this year!

On Christmas eve there will be hot cocoa for the kiddo’s……….

And one or two beverages for the adults!!

I just had to give you a close-up of these GORGEOUS flowers!  One of the hostesses for Mel’s shower made them up-and we all got to take one home!!!

Excuse the  messy writing on the wall-I was watching The Grinch Stole Christmas and I may or may not been laughing at the time.

I’ll be sharing my Christmas tablescape tomorrow-so come on back!

Until then….Have an AMAZING rest of your day!!!



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