I know I don’t usually post on Saturday’s, but this week seems to have blown right by me, and so I’m playing that good ole’ game of ‘catch up’!

For those of who you who’ve been following along, you might remember me posting a couple of months ago, about mom’s skin cancer diagnosis.  Well, this past Monday, I took her in to for surgery to have cancer removed.  Naturally, mom was a bit nervous and fearful about the procedure, so I stayed in the room with her throughout the eight LONG (and sometimes painful) hours that it took to remove all of the cancer cells from her nose.

I won’t lie-it broke my heart to see what mom had to go through-but once again she proved that just how strong she is.  By the time the nurses had the supplies packed up for us to take home, she was already cracking jokes-and had the doctor and nurses laughing hysterically!

The good news is they were able to get all cancer!!  The bad news is it required the surgeon to remove a great deal of tissue from mom’s nose, which means she will have to go back next week for reconstructive surgery.

Mom (and her dog, Libby) have been staying with us, so I can change her bandages, and of course, give her a little ‘extra’ TLC, until she recovers from her next surgery.

DIY Winter Wreath2

Which brings me to the Winter Wreath that is now hanging on our front door!  It was actually mom’s idea!  I guess she wasn’t too impressed that I had the pine wreath from Christmas still up!

So, together we came up with a SUPER simple winter wreath-using items I already had on hand.

Material needed:

1- 16″ straw wreath (or whatever size will fit your door)

1-long scarf (I’ve had this one for years and never wore it because it was TOO long!)

1 pair of mittens (The snowflakes on mine add an ‘extra’ wintry touch)

Frosted pine cones

U pins

It took me a whopping 1o minutes to pull it all together!  (I told you it was SUPER simple!)

Step 1:  Wrap the scarf around the wreath-making sure to cover it thoroughly, and use a U pin to secure it on the back.

For the ‘bow’-

Step 2-Secure each of the mittens with a U-pin. (I did this inside the mitten to hide the pin.)

Step 3- Secure the pine cones to the wreath with U pins!

Since my scarf already had a tassel -I simply separated the strands in half-making the tails for my bow. If yours doesn’t have tassels-you could easily use yarn or even a pretty ribbon.

And viola-my wreath was ready to hang on the front door!!

DIY Winter Wreath

The best part???  Mom absolutely LOVED how it turned out!

I’m still trying to transition the decor to winter in the rest of my house, but I bet I’ll have some help now doing that-what do you think?

How about you?  Do you have a hard time transitioning your decor during the winter months?

Hope you are all enjoying an amazing weekend!

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Blessings and hugs,


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9 thoughts on “DIY Winter Wreath”

  1. This wreath would look so cute on my front door! It just begs you to come in and get warm!

    I knew someone once that had the same thing done on her nose and now you can’t tell at all! She was one of the other families being considered to adopt one of our kids but because she discovered the cancer, we “won” by default. She is very happy with how the reconstructive surgery went, so encourage your mom – it is going to be OK!

  2. Your wreath is pretty and so appropriate for this time of year (It’s only 19 degrees here!)
    That’s wonderful that the doctors were able to get all the cancer! Believe me it’s better to get it all the first time around! I’m sure she was so thankful to have you there with her–what a great blessing it is to have family!

    1. I’m with you, Carole! I don’t do much decorating for the winter months either! It’s all about completing the Santa list of projects inside-because there is plenty of work to be done outdoors in the spring!!! Thank you so much for stopping by!

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