Have I ever told you about the closet just off from our foyer?

The one that had the plastic shutter doors with the knobs that had little kids sitting by the beach on them?

And did I ever mention how much those cheap doors that collected dust and always jammed annoyed me?


Well, they did.

A lot!

And that funky rooster wallpaper that covered the back of the closet?

Oh my…so not my style.

But a beautiful, clean, spacious, full of storage, farmhouse style mudroom bench?

Oh yes, that was definitely my style.

I dreamed of just such a bench for the longest time.

A bench that my sweet little grandson could sit on to take off his boots.

One where friends and family could hang their coats without fighting with those darn shutter doors.

Hubby despised that nasty closet just as much as I did, but let’s just say he needed a ‘little’ shove in the right direction when it came to how to replace them.

After all, hubby is the carpenter of the family, not the designer.

Puffy Lux

So I showed him some of the inspiration I had found on Pinterest, and together we came up with a plan that would fit our needs.

Unfortunately, we were both so excited to get the project started that I forgot to take a ‘before’ photo of that horrible closet. My bad. 🙁

But I did capture the disastrous mess that was behind the drop-down ceiling, trim and closet. As per usual in this old house, we had our work cut out for us, even before we got started on the initial project.

And what about that fancy wallpaper?  I know. You’re probably thinking, ‘but wallpaper is back in style.’

Trust me. Not this wallpaper. Nor the layer of checkerboard wallpaper or floral wallpaper that was on the opposite wall.

Oh my and that frame for the transom window above the entry door?

No window to be found anywhere in this old house, and sadly after much searching, we didn’t have the budget to replace it.

But we did have the budget to build my dream mudroom bench!!!!!!!

Let’s start with the material we used.





3/4″ plywood


finishing nails

wood glue

16 gauge nail gun



Wood Filler

Hooks (black)

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One: We drywalled the entire space.

***Tip: When you are drywalling an entire room start with the ceiling and work your way down. We usually use a drywall jack (so much easier) but since this was such a small space I assisted hubby in holding the drywall up until he was able to screw the edges in. Just an FYI- drywall is heavy!

(**I apologize that some of the photos are a bit grainy. There isn’t a lot of natural light in this space: IE poor quality photos.)



Two: Tape, Mud, and Sand all of the seams.

Three: Install new 1″x4″ trim around the door and ceiling.

Four: Build the framework for the bench.

The measurements for our bench are 18 1/2″ off the floor, 70″ long and 16″ deep.

Each of the three storage cubby’s were 18″ wide.

The frame of the bench was made with 3/4″plywood and trimmed out with 1″ pine. Wood glue and a 16 gauge finish nailer were used to put the base together.

Five: Since I wanted the farmhouse look that I LOVE so dearly, we chose unfinished beadboard (plywood) for the back wall and used 1×4 pine for the verticle pieces of the board and batten and 1 x 8 for the horizontal.

Six: I also wanted a shelf so I could add a few ‘homey’ accessories or extra baskets, so hubby built one with a  1″x12″ piece of pine.

Seven: Fill in all the many, many, many holes, dings and whatever other blemishes in the wood with wood filler.

Eight: Paint the entire space with one coat of Zissner Bullseye Primer.  Let this dry overnight.

Nine: Because this small space has very little natural light I decided to paint the entire space with Behr Ultra Pure White paint. This is what it looked like after one coat!

It ended up taking two coats with a few touch-ups here and there.

FYI- I LOVE to paint, but getting down on my hands and knees and sticking my head in those cubby holes was a bit awkward and most uncomfortable.

I’m getting old.

Just saying.

Let me just say all the hard work was SOOOO worth it!!

Everything in this space is so much brighter!

We have SO much more usable storage space!

Oh, and of course my little grandson, (and me), have a bench to sit down on to put our boots or shoes on. How wonderful is that?

And let’s not forget that I get the AMAZING joy of decorating this space!

Every season change, or, every week for that matter.

It is definitely a dream come true!

If you have any questions about this project or any of our projects, just leave me a comment or send me an email!

Happy Thursday ya’ all!

Blessings and hugs,




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5 thoughts on “DIY Mudroom Reveal!”

  1. What a fantastic transformation – Its so bright and welcoming too… We’re doing that same wall finish in our Tiny House and as you know …. it’s a process.. That built in bench idea is really great.

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