I still can’t believe it has been almost two years since we gave our dining room a makeover! 

I’ve made quite a few changes since then. 

The baker’s rack is gone.  The wallpaper on the back of the built in’s is gone.  The rustic DIY shutters are gone.  The decor is no longer beachy. 

Okay…so every thing has pretty much changed since then.

So why haven’t I shared those changes?

Because there was one thing that hadn’t changed in the room.

Old Chandelier

And no matter how hard I tried-(I even added pretty crystals) I just couldn’t make that light fixture look any less ugly! 

Unfortunately, with all the room makeover’s we have yet to do-there simply was NO budget for the chandelier of my dreams.

So I had no other choice but to live with that nasty light fixture.  Until one day…..


There she was….lying on a cold cement driveway…all by her lonesome.

At first I walked right by her.  After all- she was just a dusty old bronze chandy-put out to pasture-and since it was late in the day-it was obvious no one wanted her.

Not even me.

No-I was heading straight for the milk glass vases and a cute wooden bowl I’d spied the moment I walked up the driveway.

And after I purchased those vases and bowl-I walked right on by that old chandy again!!

It wasn’t until hubby and I made our way back to our truck after an hour or more of treasuring hunting-that I spotted that chandy again.

This time I decided to take a closer look.

Of course, hubby immediately started to panic! 

“Where would you put that thing?” he asked.  And then, “It isn’t even your style. Let’s just go!”

But it was too late.  I had already started to envision how I could transform that old chandy.

And when the owner of that old chandy accepted my $5 offer-I new it was meant to be!

A few day’s later-on a GORGEOUS sunny day-I hung the chandy on one garden hooks and made my vision a reality!

The only supplies I needed were:

Black Spray Paint- (Rust-Oleum Flat)

White Spray Paint (Rust-Oleum Flat)

Clear wax (American Decor)

Sandpaper (220 Fine Grit)

I already had these supplies on hand-so they only extra cost for the chandy was:

Plastic socket covers (I needed 10-4 inch covers-total cost was $17.00)

Step One for Chandelier Makeover

The first step was to give the chandy a coat of black spray paint. 

After the paint had dried (overnight), I gave everything a good sanding, wiped it down with a soft cloth (to remove dust) and it was time for the second coat of paint.

Step Two Chandelier Makeover

***I kept the old socket covers in place to avoid spraying the electrical inside.

Once the white coat of paint had dried (again overnight), it was time for a little distressing!


After a couple of coats of clear wax-that was it!  My shabby chic-chandy was ready to hang!  SUPER EASY, right?

Dining Room Chandy

Now that it’s hung up-I could show you the ENTIRE dining room….


right now we are in the middle of our living room makeover, and we may…or may not be…using half of our dining room for storage and supplies. 🙂

But at least I have a pretty shabby-chic chandy! (No fancy baubles required).

I’m SO happy saw the potential and grabbed this beauty up!

I know I would have kicked myself (not literally) if I’d walked on by a second time!

How about you?  Have you ever walked by a treasure and kicked yourself later for not buying it?

A Five Dollar Chandelier Makeover


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Blessings and hugs,



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15 thoughts on “DIY Chandelier Makeover!”

  1. Love this what a fantastic transformation. Perfect addition too and I can see why you wanted to wait to revile this beautiful room . Great Project I even liked it in the black.

    1. Thank you so much, Carole! I have to agree-I LOVED it in black too-but I thought it would be ‘TOO’ much-so I chose the ‘distressed’ look and I’m thrilled with how it turned out!!

    1. Thank you so much, Nikki! I am SUPER glad I looked at it again-and as for fixtures-I’m starting to have a ‘thing’ for them too! I just might be on the hunt for another one to makeover!! 🙂

  2. Wow, just amazing! And perfectly suited to the space! I have a chandelier in my dining room that doesn’t quite suit my style (putting it nicely) and I’m on the lookout for just the perfect piece. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Oh I hope you find it, Meredith! Nothing worse than walking by a light fixture every day and cringing! Thank you so much for the love! 🙂

  3. Wow, what a beauty! And to think it just sat there…unwanted.
    I passed a couple of cast-off bird feeders on the curb during my walk yesterday morning. Each time I passed by I gave them a new evaluation. In the end, I decided to leave them.
    I may go back now. 🙂 You’ve inspired me.

    1. RUN…don’t walk, Karen and grab those bird feeders!! I’m thrilled with my lonely (and cheap) cast off-and I’m so happy I inspired you!

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