We’ve been blessed with some unseasonably warm weather, here in our
neck of the woods this past week!  I say blessed, because, although
I am excited for all the wonderful things that come with fall, the warmer
temps are allowing hubby and I to put the finishing touches on painting
the exterior of our home-and preparing are yard and gardens for winter.

With all of these chores being done mostly in the evenings and on weekends-it has left
little time for either of us to simply enjoy the little things.

Things like going for a ride on the bike-or just sitting for a spell on
our front porch.
After all- I freshened up that old farmhouse table earlier this summer
so we could enjoy a dinner or two on the front porch-not so it could just 
sit there and collect dust!

So, the other night while I was cleaning off the porch and preparing
it for fall-I decided enough is enough! It was time to put down
the paint brushes and rakes-and have dinner for two on the porch!
Since I already had a special menu planned for dinner-I set out to create a tablescape
that would be equally special-but still budget friendly.  I  started by covering
the farmhouse table with a drop cloth I purchased awhile back at Home Depot.  The material
is SUPER durable (much needed for outdoor use) and sturdy enough to withstand
the ‘breezy’ weather that fall brings.
I LOVE layering different fabrics and colors-so adding the gingham runner
was a no-brainer.  Can you believe that runner is actually one of a pair of curtains that I picked
up from a thrift store? Yep-that’s me-I’ll re-purpose just about anything to save a $!

The dishes were also thrift store finds-and those lovely crystal goblets?
Well-they were purchased in Austria by none other than hubby-who had
just graduated from high school!  Yes, the man obviously had good taste
even  WAY back then!
We have an abundant supply of hydrangeas this year-so I added a few that are still
in the process of drying-along with a few pumpkins. leaves and a candle (can’t have a romantic dinner without one) for a quick and easy centerpiece!  Mom gave me the antique chairs on my last
visit to the farm, and I absolutely ADORE them.
Right before hubby arrived home from work-I set out this YUMMY
mini loaf of crusty bread (still warm from the oven), along
with garlic herb butter (hubby’s favorite)!
I’ll be sharing those recipes with you tomorrow-but of course-they
were just a teaser.  The best was yet to come! Good food-a glass of wine-
and MANY laughs later-we both agreed that a night off was
definitely what we needed-and we’re already planning
our next dinner on the porch for this weekend!
Let’s keep in touch!

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14 thoughts on “Dinner for Two on the Front Porch!”

  1. You're an awesome wife! This setting is better than what any restaurant could ever offer plus I bet it was super quiet. Dinner for two sounds nice, I may have to surprise my husband.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  2. Oh my goodness, Carole-what a lovely compliment! Thank you so much! You just made my day! P.S-yes, it was very quiet-except for our giggling of course! Enjoy your dinner for two!

  3. The tablescape is so pretty and inviting! And those hydrangeas… oh my goodness, breathtakingly gorgeous! I can just taste that delicious looking bread through the screen! Glad you were able to enjoy a special meal with your husband in such a pretty setting! 🙂 And to answer your question, …Summer and I would be great friends if not for the heat and humidity… so I'm glad to welcome Fall! ~Rhonda

  4. Aw-thank you so much, Rhonda! We had a wonderful time-and really need to make an effort to do it more! I'm totally with you on the humidity! Have an awesome weekend!!! Blessings!

  5. Sounds lovely and looks lovely too.
    Here in the UK we just don't have front porches in the same way, If we ate out the front of the house one of us would be sitting on the pavement as our front garden is about 3 foot!
    We do eat out in the back garden occasionally although always a bit last minute (weather permitting) and never as beautifully set out as this!

  6. Thank you so much, Julia! I'm still giggling about the 'sitting on the pavement'! Last minute or not-I bet your back garden is a lovely place to enjoy a cup of tea or a hearty meal! Enjoy your week! Blessings!

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