Cozy DIY Christmas Decorations

Create simple-inexpensive decor for the holidays and all winter long!

There’s that word again.

I know. I know.

I’ve been using the word ‘cozy’ a LOT lately when it comes to decor.

I can’t help it. Ever since I read one of my favorite bloggers, Liz Marie Galvan’s AMAZING book  Cozy White Cottage, I’ve been obsessed with all things cozy.

And Cozy is exactly how I want our home to feel, so I’ve been doing my darndest to make it that way, especially for the holiday season and all winter long!

Now I know today’s DIY isn’t new to most of you.  Fabric balls and trees have been around for years now. You can also find tutorials on how to make them all over PINTEREST.

So I’m not going to bore you all with a long detailed tutorial here today.


Instead, I just wanted to share these simple decorations with you, just in case you’re looking for some cozy last minute decorations for your home, or, a fun project you could do with your kids/grandkids over the holidays.

Because frankly, these sweet balls and trees aren’t just for Christmas. Truth be told, I plan on leaving mine out all winter long.

And the best part is, you probably have most of the materials needed already.

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Puffy Lux

Glue Gun

Styrofoam tree and balls- I found mine at the Dollar Store


As for the fabric, no need to go out and buy any that’s for sure! All the farther you need to look is in your closet or scrap pile.

That’s exactly where I found this leftover knit fabric. Remember when I made that cover for my DIY Cozy Ottoman makeover? Well, I had plenty of leftover scraps from that, along with another sweater I’d bought just in case. I simply cut the fabric into strips and glued them on each of the balls until they were covered. How easy is that?

The fuzzy white balls were made from material I cut out of the inside of a pair of slippers I never wore because they were too small. Don’t they just look SUPER  soft and cozy!!

I’m loving the plaids this holiday season and this buffalo check fabric was leftover from a tree skirt I made.

You may remember I shared our fireplace mantel all decked out for Christmas last week. I made my version of a pom-pom garland using the plaid and knit balls and one of the knit trees became the ‘star’ of the village too!

Every bit of that sweater fabric was used including the buttons!!!

I even had enough sweater fabric to make another tree for our dining room built-ins!

I did burn my finger twice while doing this project but only because I was busy watching a Hallmark movie and not paying attention. Speaking of Hallmark, I made 10 balls and two trees in the time it takes to watch 1 full Hallmark movie and half of another.

And decorating with my cozy bounty was as simple as adding some greenery and the assortment of fabric balls to an old metal basket.

I hope these Cozy DIY Christmas decorations inspire you to create something inexpensive, simple and SUPER cozy for the holidays!!!


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Have a FABULOUS weekend, sweet friends!





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6 thoughts on “Cozy DIY Christmas Decorations”

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle! I am SO with you! There is nothing more wonderful than being out in the cold and coming into a warm cozy home!! Wishing you and yours an awesome weekend!

  1. I love how simple your tutorial looks. I have always wanted sweater ornaments but didn’t want to pay the price the stores have them for. Thanks for sharing Christine. I love your style!

    1. Thank you so much, Terrie! I’m right there with you on the pricey ornaments. Plus it’s so much more fun to make your own!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! You truly made my day with your kind words!!!

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