know. I know. It’s been done a hundred (maybe a million) times before. But I think this ADORABLE and SUPER fun DIY project is worth repeating! One, because it was such a creative way to give new purpose to an everyday item. And two, because this girl hasn’t shopped at any thrift stores for quite some time! So the challenge is to use what I have and my stash is getting to be slim pickings!

This old colander has been sitting in my garden shed probably since the colander planter craze first became a thing. I found it at a yard sale and paid a nickel for it. One handle is gone and it was pretty dinged up, but I thought it was cute. I’ve been using it to hold birdseed for the last two years. It worked but I decided it needed a new purpose!

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So I grabbed that pretty blue paint that I used for my Office Storage cubbies and gave it a couple of coats!

Before I planted anything I gave the colander a coat of enamel clear coat to seal the paint and prevent rusting. Then I let it dry completely overnight.

Many who made these in the past used coffee filters or landscape fabric to keep the soil in, but still allow drainage. I didn’t have either. But I did have this drywall tape. It too has holes, but they are smaller than those in the colander. So I basically cut pieces to fit inside the colander and then staggered them in a criss-cross pattern. I ended up doing two layers. Then I did a test run by putting in some soil and adding a bit of water. It held perfectly! YAY!


The holes were small enough to keep the soil in but big enough for draining which was PERFECT!

I brought in several asparagus ferns this past fall and they are getting so big that it was time for some propagating. These ferns are so forgiving and so easy to work with. I’ll probably transplant it to a bigger pot when it warms up outside.  By then hopefully our local nursery will be open and I’ll get some pretty petunias for my colander planter and set it out on our front porch!

But for right now it’s going to be a fresh new centerpiece for our dining room table!

Puffy Lux

If your colander has two handles you could also hang them!

Wouldn’t they make an awesome Mother’s Day gift?

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Stay well!

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    1. You are so welcome, Linda! And Thank you! I’m so glad you liked the project! I’m loving that color too and yes, the drywall tape worked perfectly! No leaks!

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