I don’t mean to complain about the weather, but……seriously, mother nature needs to back off!!!!!

This is what hubby and I and woke up to this morning! (Along with the rest of the folks in our neck of the woods!)  Now, don’t get me wrong.  In the beginning of winter, these frosty branches were beautiful.

 Back in December, and yes, even February, we made due with our oven, and let poor Mr. Grill have a break.

But enough is enough!!!  I want Spring!!!

 Okay, there, I’ve had my vent.  Now onto the real reason I posted.  Which was….oh yes, clutter!

This morning (since I needed inspiration) I started looking for storage inspiration for our two bathrooms.  Since they are both small, and there is no budget right now to enlarge them, I desperately need to find ways to work with what we have.

 There is quite a bit of wall space in both-so open shelving was definitely a good option.

 I love the idea of  floating shelves like these from Shanty Chic!   I would have just enough room for extra towels and a few accessories!

Or, maybe this shelf  from Martha Stewart’s web site!
Baskets seem to be a huge solution for all that clutter….
And I have plenty of those!
As for our medicine cabinet….. Once I remove my collection of nail polishes, and vitamins, this idea from BuzzFeed, would be perfect for adding a bit of ‘extra’ room for all that and much more!!!

And why not use the space above our bathroom door?  
But the place that has the MOST clutter is our vanity! (UGH!)
This DIY project from Pregnant with Power tools would be nice-but…
I love this one from Good Houskeeping– which I think is what I’ll be going with once I do some measuring!

With all this inspiration, I’ve been a clutter clearing QUEEN all afternoon.  
Photo’s coming later this week!   Until then- Happy Spring tomorrow!!!!

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