Hello sweet friends!  Happy Thursday!!

Okay- so I know I’m way over due in sharing my Christmas decor with you all, but better late(cough, cough) than never-right?

So without further ado……let’s get this tour started with front porch first-and then we’ll slip inside to the foyer-where it’s a bit warmer!!!

Hubby is in charge of hanging the outside lights, and this year, he went ALL out!

Please excuse the extension cord hanging by the mailbox- (you’ll probably see a few more), but hubby decided that if we had the lights-they might as well get used-even though we have no electrical outlets on the porch!!!!

I thought he was going a tad ‘overboard’ when I saw he’d even wrapped lights around my old wheel-but once it got dark out-and he turned all the lights on…….

I realized he was absolutely right!  The more lights-the merrier!!!!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a bit chilly standing out on the porch-how about we go inside and have a cup of hot cocoa, while I show you the foyer?

But before we do-let’s check out the front door decor!  I recently found this at a local store and immediately fell in love!! Isn’t she pretty?  And if you look real close you’ll find one of those old fashioned candles inside the greenery.  Guess what-it’s battery operated and set on a timer!!!  How cool is that!!  The best part is-we all know skates come in pairs-so someone I know (who loves vintage just as much as I do) just might be getting the other one!!!  SHhhh!  Don’t want to ruin the surprise!!

As we step inside the door-the first thing you’ll see is my ‘winter’ tree! (Sorry if some of the photo’s appear a bit ‘grainy’-we haven’t had sun in 10 ten days-and the foyer is dark to begin with!)

I call it that- because, unlike our MAIN tree in the living room-this tree stays up throughout the winter season, as a cheerful welcome from the cold weather outside!!

The decorations are simple-but all winter related.  Mini scarves and stockings, jingle bells, frosted pine cones, glittery snowflakes, and chalkboard tags listing all of our favorite things to do in winter!

And the tree skirt?  Well it’s a scarf of course!!! (:

On the far wall leading upstairs, you’ll find our stockings(we’re ready Santa) hanging from a pair of ski’s hubby got when he was just a teen. (I’d say their vintage-wouldn’t you?)  He recently found them in storage-and was so excited to see them displayed once again!

Below the ski’s-are some winter white branches in two of my turquoise ball jars-and one of my MOST cherished treasures……

My dad’s sled!

Unfortunately, the old sled previously hung out on mom’s back porch, and received a bit of water damage-but it’s still BEAUTIFUL to me!!!  Now it sits proudly in our foyer (out of the weather)-and every time I walk by it, I can’t help but smile!

Next, I filled an old shelf made from reclaimed wood off the farm-with a FUN winter scene!

The inside of the front door holds a wreath (it was on the other side until I replaced it with the adorable skate!!),  that I decorated with snowy pine cones, faux berries and a burlap bow.

The ‘JOY’ sign is a last year’s DIY project made from an old screen I found in mom’s granary.

So there you have it!  The front porch and foyer arefinally all decorated for Christmas!

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a few Christmas decorations in the kitchen-along with one of my FAVORITE Christmas treats!!

I’ll be linking up to these amazing parties today-so stop over and be inspired!!!

From my Front porch to yours
Inspiring Grace
Jann Olson



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