This past weekend, hubby and I went over to mom’s to help her out with a few chores.  After we were finished, I took a little stroll down to the granary, to see if I could find some grain sacks for a project that’s been rolling around in my head for a few weeks.

Although I wasn’t able to find any grain sacks that were in good condition I did find a few items I could use for future projects-(a chippy red shutter, a window(the glass was broken), and a small wooden toolbox.  I have to say even though I was disappointed that I hadn’t found what I came for I was smiling from ear to ear, as I made my way back to the truck with the treasures I had found.

Hubby, on the other hand, was NOT impressed!!!

I ignored his ranting about ‘him not helping with any more projects’, and something or other about, ‘that junk isn’t going in the garage, that’s for sure’, and headed for the back porch to grab another treasure I’d spotted along the way.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t planning on this concrete beast being so heavy!!!!

Even so, I wasn’t giving up!  I was determined that urn was coming home with me!  So, I picked it up-(did I happen to mention this urn was REALLY, REALLY heavy?) and put it right back down.

Thankfully, Michael knows me too well, and decided to stop complaining about all the treasures (he calls them junk) I was gathering, and instead help out by carrying the urn to the truck.

Once we arrived home-all of my other treasures were put in the garden shed, awaiting a bit of TLC, but the urn came in the house.

The first thing I did was take some bleach and a scrub brush, and give it a good cleaning.

I let it dry over night (and warm up).

Although I loved the detail on the urn-I wanted to add more depth to it.  I also wanted to make the piece look a bit more ‘aged’.  So, it was time for paint.

Since I had some chalky paint (American Decor-Relic) left over from the console table, I decided to use that as the base coat.


After brushing on two (light coats), I let it sit for about an hour to dry.  The next step was giving this urn a bit of an ‘aged’ appearance.  I did this by first-mixing up a small amount of the Relic paint with some leftover Everlasting(also from Americana Decor)-which created a light grey color.  Using an artist’s paint brush, I lightly covered some of the detail, and then wiped the excess off with a cloth.

Once that dried, I added a third dimension of color-this time by lightly brushing some Everlasting onto some of the details and into the cracks and crevices, and again, wiping the excess off with a cloth.

When I was finally satisfied with the look of the urn- it was time to decorate!!!


Although Thanksgiving isn’t for a couple of weeks-I’ve already begun taking down my Fall decorations-and I’m in TOTAL Christmas mode right now.  But, since I’m hosting this year’s Thanksgiving for most of our family-I wanted a pretty fall centerpiece.  I found a ton of inspiration on the web lately-but in the end-it was all about keeping things simple.


The hydrangeas I used in my early fall centerpiece, have since dried, and are just as lovely as the day I picked them.  So they were the perfect choice to fill the urn, along with some branches I find in our back yard.  I then set the urn on top of a silver tray-and tucked in some more branches-a few pine cones, and pumpkins.





Viola!  Not only did I re purpose that plain-old urn-I also created a simple Thanksgiving centerpiece for our table!!!

And hubby thought I was going to use it for cranberry salad!!!!

Well, I guess I showed him that there really is a method to my madness!!!

I’ll be sharing at these wonderful parties today-so stop on over and be inspired!!!


And don’t forget to link up to the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop tonight!  The party will be live right here- at 7:00 pm ET!!


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