Hello! I’m Christine-aka CD-the voice behind this blog and the silly gal with her nose stuck in a bunch of flowers. I know. It’s kind of a weird photo to introduce myself with. That photo was taken at our wedding eight years ago. And it’s the only one I have of myself that doesn’t have me looking away from the camera, biting my lip or with sunglasses (see below). Now I will admit I’m not much on getting my picture taken but I guess maybe it’s time I did. Anyway, enough about that!  I’m just so darn glad you are here and I can’t wait to tell you a bit more about myself, but first let’s talk about what you will find here on the blog!


In this crazy-hectic world, there is only one thing that calms me down and rejuvenates my soul. That’s baking (and cooking)! Over the years I’ve created and re-created many a recipe that has been handed down to me by my mom or grandmother, or that I’ve found in the hundreds of cookbooks I’ve picked up at thrift stores, yard sales, and local churches. Now I’m gathering them all together here on the blog and sharing them with you!

But there is more to the blog than just simple-yet-delicious recipes. You will also find tips on entertaining, pretty tablescape ideas, budget-friendly DIY, home improvement projects that we’ll walk you through step by step and my favorite-trash to treasure projects! Where I take my love for thrift store treasuring hunting to a whole new level by turning someone else’s junk into a treasure I can use in my own home! I’ll also share homemade gift ideas, gardening, and organizing tips, and periodically I’ll share a review or two on products I like and even some that get the thumbs down!

And finally, here are 10 things you may not know about me :

  1. I started this blog because my daughter thought it would be a good way to document remodeling our fixer-upper home. For the longest time, she was probably the only one who read the blog until I started to come out of my shell (I’m super shy) and I began reaching out to other bloggers. I took a break from blogging for almost two years but I missed it so much I came back to it last year.Mel Adult Picture

2. Speaking of my daughter. I was inexperienced and just barely an adult when the Dr. placed this pretty blue-eyed charmer into my arms and said, “You have a daughter.”  I was a single parent and it wasn’t easy, but we found a way through even the toughest times together and we are still best friends today! The best part is a little over 30 years later my daughter put another blue-eyed charmer into my arms and said, “You have a grandson!” Being a mother was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. Being a grandmother is like Christmas year round!

3. I’m married to my best friend. Although we met late in life, I thank the Lord every day that we did. This man’s smiling face has gotten me through some rough times and he’s the only one who can make me laugh when I feel like crying. He’s also the jack of all trades and handyman extraordinaire behind the projects we share on the blog. He’s a magician who turns whatever crazy idea that pops into my head into reality.

5. I grew up in rural SE Minnesota. The town where we went to school had a population of under 1,000 people. We lived on a farm that had been in my step dad’s family for over 100 years. Country living as in the name of my blog comes from the values and skills I was taught while living on the farm. It wasn’t just about where we lived or the back to basics lifestyle we led. It wasn’t even about the animals we raised or the crops we grew that made it Country Living. It was so much more than all those things. It was family-hope-change and opportunity. And most of all-Country Living was about community. Which is exactly what I want this blog to be for you.

6. I’m a HUGE history geek. Every time I go out to the farm or go in search of treasure elsewhere, I’m always looking for the story behind what I find. Vintage items are my passion. If I could work alongside Mike and Frank on the Pickers I’d be in heaven!

7. I’m a sucker for all animals big and small. I even love toads. But don’t get me started on spiders, mice, bats and any and all insects! YUCK!!

8. I LOVE puppy snuggles and this little guy is who I do most of mine with! Meet our fur baby-Mr. Bentley. We rescued him almost 8 years ago right before Christmas. He was so tiny he fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. Now he’s my sidekick and you can usually find him in my office-laying in the sun while I work at my desk.

9. Until I married, Michael, I was terrified of all power tools! But thanks to his patience and gentle teaching I’m learning that power tools are the bomb! Except for nails guns! They still make me scream!

10. I’m a published author. No, my books were definitely not New York Times bestsellers, but I had always dreamed of writing a book and so I did. My hope is to work more on my writing and in a totally different genre than before.

So that about covers the key points-but I promise if you stick around and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with me, you’ll learn a whole bunch more.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by and I hope we can stay friends for a long while!



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