Hello! I’m Christine, aka, CD-the author behind this blog and the gal behind those flowers!

I’m so glad you are here and I can’t wait to tell you a bit about myself-but first let’s talk about what you’ll find here on the blog!

I LOVE to bake. It’s the one thing in this crazy hectic world we live in that calms and rejuvenates my soul. And I’ve been doing it for..well, let’s just say a while. 🙂 Over the years I’ve created and re-created many recipes that have been handed down to me, or that I’ve found in the hundreds of cookbooks I’ve collected along the way and my passion was to make them as simple and delicious as possible. Now I’m gathering them all together, here on the blog, and sharing one weekly with you, my dear friends!

But there’s more than just yummy recipes here on the blog. You’ll also find, Trash to Treasure projects where I take a thrift store or yard sale find and turn it into something functional and pretty! I’ll also share some great tips on organizing, cleaning, gardening, and gift shopping. And speaking of gifts, I have tons of ideas for giving your loved ones unique and special gifts from the heart and your very own hands!

And did I mention that we are remodeling a 110-year-old house one room at a time? On a budget? We sure are and we are sharing each project here on the blog. Everything from refacing kitchen cabinets, to installing vinyl tiles to creating a mudroom!  All with detailed tutorials and material lists, including products we used and recommend!

Now for some random facts about me.

Mel Adult Picture

I was only seventeen when the Dr placed this blue-eyed charmer into my shaking arms and said, “You have a daughter!” I knew it wasn’t going to be easy being a single mom but from that moment on nothing else mattered. No matter what came our way, we always had each other. This beautiful-smart lady achieved so much beyond any expectation I had for her and I couldn’t be more proud. **BONUS- 31 years later I was handed another blue-eyed charmer. This time I was told, “Say hello to your grandson!” Motherhood was one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given. But being a Nana? Well, that is a whole world of wonderfulness all on its own.









I’m married to my best friend. We met late in life but I thank the Lord every day we did!is smiling face makes me laugh even when I want to cry.  He’s also the jack of all trades and handyman extraordinaire behind the blog. Without him, there would be no blog! He’s magic and can turn whatever crazy idea is jumbled up in my head into real life! He makes dreams come true! He is also one of the best fathers I’ve ever known and shares all of his amazing knowledge, love and devotion with my daughter and his children, a daughter, Katt and his two boys, Tony and Shane (all adults now). FYI he makes a mean burger on the grill!

 I moved to rural SE Minnesota when I was six years old and grew up on a small dairy farm that had been in my father’s family for over one hundred years.  Country-living as in the name of my blog comes from the values and skills I was taught living on the farm. It wasn’t just about the place we lived or the back to basics lifestyle we led. It wasn’t even just about the animals we raised or the crops we grew. Country living for me was and is so much more. Like family and hope. Change and opportunity. And most of all country living is about community.











 The word ‘dislike’ doesn’t even come close to describing how much I ‘dislike’ getting my photo taken. I know. It sounds crazy in a world filled with selfies but that’s just me.  But photographing someone or something else? Now that’s a whole other story!

  I was able to overcome a debilitating shyness in my early twenties and go on to have a 25+ year career in customer service.

 I’m a history geek and love all things vintage. Let me pick in one of those old barns or sheds with Mike and Frank from the Pickers and I’d be heaven!

I’m a HUGE animal lover and don’t get me started on frogs. But Puppy snuggles are my favorite. Speaking of puppies…







 This little guy is our little fur baby, Bentley. We rescued him the first Christmas after we were married. He literally fit in the palm of my hand when we brought him home. Mr. Bentley is half terrier and half pug and all heart-and he definitely has ours.

 I used to have a fear of power tools. I’m slowly starting to overcome that thanks to the patient teaching of my husband, but start up a nail gun and I’m out the door running!

 Never in my wildest dreams did I first, think I’d have a blog, and second that anyone would read it. The idea to start this blog came from my daughter, who for the first few months was the only one who actually read it. She thought it would be a great idea for me to share all the projects we were doing on our fixer-upper, and after much thought, I decided she was right! It’s been a LONG road, with a few bumps, but I wouldn’t change any of it.   I’ve met so many wonderful and talented people and have learned SO much! The best part is my daughter still reads the blog along with all you amazing folks who have joined our community and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by and I hope we can stay friends for a long while!