Happy Monday, ya’ all!  I’m so excited this morning that I’m seriously doing the happy dance!  Why you ask?  Well, because, after months of planning,  I’m  FINALLY able to share the big changes happening here on the blog!!

Yes, it’s been a LONG time in coming, but CD’s Country Living has finally made the BIG move from Blogger to WordPress!  That in itself is huge,(but there’s more), and I couldn’t have done it without the expertise, patience, and constant support of  this AMAZING lady!


Sarah is a very BUSY stay at home mom, who just recently started her own blog (along with her mom) called Spools of Love, where these talented ladies share their lovely (and adorable) creations, along with helpful tips for those of us who can’t even sew a button on!

Sarah is also a dear friend, and when she heard that I wanted to move the blog, she totally blew me away, by volunteering to do it!  That’s right-as in FREE! $0-naughta-nothing!  For those of you who have ever gone through the long and tedious process of moving your blog, you know this is NOT an easy feat!  And it’s definitely not cheap if you can’t do it yourself, and need to hire a professional!

Needless to say, I accepted Sarah’s VERY generous offer, and within a few short days, she had all my content moved to the test site!  But this incredibly sweet lady, didn’t stop there!  Oh no!  In between chasing after a toddler all day, every day chores, and creating her own blog, Sarah volunteered even more of her time (and patience, I might add), to turn the vision of what I wanted my new blog to look like, into a reality!

I’m talking details, folks.  Lots and lots of details!

Like the header for example! I wanted it to reflect what CD’s Country Living is all about.  Home, family, traditions, and all things vintage.  I’m not afraid to say, that when Sarah emailed me her design, I bawled like a baby!

It was as if she’d not only reached into my head to see my vision-but more importantly, my heart!

Sarah had no way of knowing that the home in her design looked EXACTLY like the original farmhouse built over a hundred years ago on our family farmstead! I’ve spent years rummaging through that old house (yes, it’s still there), searching for every rusty, dust filled treasure I could find, and for me, there is no greater joy than to be able to breathe new life into each and every one!

And then there is the tree.  A symbol of hope- with a deep rooted connection to history.  Something that is truly so important to me.

THANK YOU, Sarah-for putting so much time, effort and LOVE, into making my vision a reality!

When I first started blogging back in January 2014, I never in my wildest dreams thought this journey would take me where it has!  It started out merely as a hobby.  A way to share the ups and downs of remodeling of our 100+ home, and to share a few family recipes!  Since then, it has become SO much more to me than that!

I’ve met so many wonderful, generous, supportive, and creative folks along the way.  Folks like you-who take time out of your day to visit, and leave comments that truly touch my heart.

During the last few months, I’ve realized that this blog is more than just a hobby.  It has become a HUGE part of my life!

With that said-I plan on devoting more time to CD’s Country Living-and giving back to you-my dear, and very loyal readers!

I’ll be sharing more on that later in the week, and I’ll even be asking YOU what you’d like to see more of, here at CD”s Country Living!

So what do you think?  Do you love the new look?  Shoot me an email, or leave me a comment!  I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

Blessings and hugs,











8 thoughts on “A New and Improved CD’s Country Living!”

  1. I adore the design that Sarah did for you. What a great friend and person for doing that out of the compassion of her heart! Love the new site lady and keep rocking the content. You have the best stuff. Are you ready to adopt me yet? I just want to stay in that sweet, cozy home of yours all day and drink coffee and Pin things!

    1. Aw thank you, Melissa! I’m so thrilled with the new look, and I’m so glad you like it too! I TOTALLY appreciate your support, sweet friend! As for adopting you-absolutely! You know you’re always welcome!!

  2. Sarah is my niece! I’m very proud of this talented young lady! Sarah gives off her time and talent because that’s who she is. She supports her family and friends. I love Spools of Love. So creative. You both inspire me!
    Thank you and much success to both you and Sarah. Here’s to the beginnings of great things and a bonding friendship for you as well. 🙂

    1. I TOTALLY agree, Trish! Sarah is one AMAZING talented lady! I LOVE her blog too! I’m hoping she can teach this gal a thing or two about sewing! Thank you so much for your kind words! Blessings!

  3. I LOVE this look C.D.! Sarah did a great job and what an angel too!!! I’m so glad you are able to have a ‘home’ for your blog that you are comfortable with and can enjoy to be at so many hours a day. Can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you do here my friend. Keep up all the great work and inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much, Carrie! I am truly blessed to have such dear friends like Sarah and you! We will truly miss you at the hop! Good luck with your new book! I can’t wait to read it!!

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