A Fall Foliage Drive down Country Roads!

A scenic fall foliage tour of the countryside!


Hello, sweet friends and Happy Friday!

We interrupt today’s previously scheduled DIY project to take you on a tour of the beautiful countryside we call home!

To take this tour you don’t need a plane or a train, and no bus or boat is required. But you will need a sturdy car or truck because for this tour we’re taking the country roads. Or, as we call them, the ‘back roads’.

Let me tell you, friends, these back roads are far from fancy, and they aren’t paved like most, but if you want to see the prettiest darn scenery around, then you’ll have to put up with a few bumps along the way!

Last Sunday, Michael and I decided to take the afternoon off and go check out some of the fall foliage that has just begun here in our little corner of Minnesota!  If you’re a huge fan of taking in the breathtaking sight of the leaves changing on all the trees then you’ll know that it usually happens so fast that if you don’t get out ahead of the transition, well..you’ll miss it for sure!

As I said the colors are just starting to turn here in Houston County, but the beautiful scenery we were able to capture on this peaceful drive was no less magnificent.

The rest of the world was quickly forgotten that afternoon as we meandered down that old dirt road. We didn’t care about our cell phones, or what was going on in the news. Heck, we didn’t even think. Period. We just rolled down the windows in the truck and listened to the wind rustle through the trees and the cows mooing in the fields beyond.

There was no rush, no place we HAD to be. Just peaceful quiet, and the beauty of God’s country to take in with each and every one of our senses.


Puffy Lux

The winding gravel road eventually took us to one of my favorite places along the river’s edge. It had rained earlier in the day and as we walked down the beaten path parallel to the water’s edge the fog was just beginning to rise above the tall grasses and cattails.

The water was calm other than the flutter or flapping of the duck and geese wings from time to time. The sights before us were so amazing that soon I forgot that I even had a camera in my hand. Suddenly taking pictures wasn’t important, at least not for a while. Instead, I just watched and laughed as the baby ducks swam as fast as they could to catch up to their mom and dad. And the geese as they ducked their heads into the water in hopes of catching lunch.

Then my eyes caught a  glimpse of a glorious pair of bald eagles as they flew up from their nests and soared high above the fog and the sight just took my breath away.

When one of them suddenly turned and came back to the nest and I just had to take a photo. (You can see the eagle in its nest at the very top of the below photo.) I apologize we were far away and my phone doesn’t have much of a zoom.) 

I seriously could have stayed along the river’s edge forever, but it was getting late and I had hopes of catching a bit more color before the sun went down. So we hopped back in the truck and headed north.

The further north we went, the more color seemed to be out. That’s how it goes this time of year. One minute the trees are green, the next glorious gold and red, and the next…well, the leaves are gone.

My hope is to be able to get out with my real camera one more time this weekend. That is if we aren’t too busy celebrating Michael and Mr. Bentley’s birthday!

They both turned a year old this week! Mr. Bentley was happy to get a new bed and treat.

And Michael? Well, I took him out for lunch yesterday and let him pick out the gift of his choice.

We plan to spend time with family tonight and then dinner and a movie tomorrow night.

I hope you all enjoyed this little fall foliage drive down country roads!

I’ll be back next week with a fun DIY project!

Happy Friday!





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4 thoughts on “A Fall Foliage Drive down Country Roads”

  1. Great pictures Christine, I live off a country road and it can sometimes be a wild ride especially after a rain. Our road is dirt and our county is too cheap to add gravel. LOL , as you can imagine there’s a story there… I love driving through the country side anywhere because it’s so peaceful. Robert was chatting last weekend about getting a place on the river as it seems the water is very inviting and calming. We shall see… Have a great weekend and birthday wishes to those celebrating. – Carole

    1. Thank you so much, Carole! Yes, country roads can be a wild ride, thankfully our townships take pretty good care of those around here!!! Going on drives is one of Michael’s and my favorite things to do. It doesn’t cost anything but the little bit of gas we use, but we gain SO much! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’ll be sure to pass them on! Have a great weekend!

  2. This is beautiful! I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm with fields for miles, so I really appreciate the beauty that is out there. Now that I live in town I miss those fields so much! I really love your photos. How amazing that you were able to see the bald eagles!!

    1. Aw, thank you, Michelle! We really had an amazing day and I’m hoping we can get out again tomorrow. Fall is thankfully hanging on for dear life here in Minnesota and I’m going to take advantage of every second of its beauty!! Thank you for stopping by!!

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