Happy August ya’ all!

Hubby and I are definitely having a hard time getting back  to the grindstone of ‘real’ life- after enjoying our fun (and relaxing) week long vacation!

Although we have another vacation planned for later this summer-(traveling)-I can’t tell you how AMAZING this one was-because…

There was no plan!

It was simply having the ability to sleep in-enjoy an extra cup of coffee on the porch-and do whatever we wanted-even if that meant doing nothing at all!

Of course it also gave us a plenty of time to spend with friends and family!

This past Sunday we did just that-when my family-and hubby’s parents came over for a summer back yard barbecue!

The Good Lord provided us with a GORGEOUS day-and you can bet we enjoyed every minute of it!

Especially our little grandson-who reminded us all about the important things in life.

Like catching bubbles…..

Blowing bubbles

Mandy and Max blowing bubbles

My niece, Amanda got a few lessons from Max too-and before you know it she was a pro-bubble blower! Of course, she also learned that maybe it wasn’t a wise choice to wear a long skirt while chasing them!

Playing in waterAnd what could be more fun on a hot summer day-then splashing around in the water?

Playing in water1

Well…getting Grandpa wet….that’s what!!

Making Burgers

Speaking of Grandpa-after drying off-he got busy making up some of his FAMOUS burgers!

Outdoor table setting

Meanwhile, I set up a VERY simple tablescape.  A clean (albeit wrinkled) antique table cloth and fresh flowers from our garden!

After a wonderful meal-we all kicked back in our lawn chairs and talked and laughed until the moon rose up over the trees and the lightening bugs came out to play.

Yes, it was the PERFECT ending to a PERFECT week.


What are your plans for the rest of the summer?  

I hope whatever they are-you enjoy them to the fullest!

Blessings and hugs,





2 thoughts on “Family Fun in the Sun!”

  1. I am so into Stacations!! Years ago, We traveled all over vacationing when the kids were young and many times, We left for vacation after I got out of work after working the night shift and went back to work the night we arrived home after vacation! I am all into relaxation at this stage in our lives!! LOL!!


    1. I’m right there with you, Debbie!! We have another vacation planned for the end of August-and I’m definitely making sure we have a least two days of it to rest and relax before going back to work!!!

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