Have you ever had one of those weekends that were just…….


The kind where you get to sleep in just a little bit longer than usual.

And the first thing you smell when you come down the stairs…

Lilacs in the foyer

Are the lovely lilacs you picked the day before

And freshly brewed coffee that your hubby (who got up minutes before you) has already made.

But it gets even better…oh so MUCH better.

Because after you’ve enjoyed a second cup of coffee-and chatted about your plans for the day, your hubby surprises you with a couple of treasures he found at work.

Industrial Lights

Even though you have absolutely NO idea where the industrial farmhouse lights he found in the garbage will go-you are AGHAST that anyone would have the nerve to throw such beauties into the trash!

So you give your treasure saving hero a big hug…

But he’s not done yet!

He tells you that has one three more surprise(s). 

And you seriously think this MUST be a dream….

But before you can pinch yourself, your hubby tells you that he heard you babbling talking to your mom the other day about how you needed to find some wooden spools for a project you wanted to do.  He wasn’t sure what size you needed, so he picked up three of them in all different sizes!

Even though he hasn’t brought them home yet-you are SO over the moon happy that you don’t even care that you took down the curtains in the living room, and you start doing your very BEST happy dance.

But your hubby cares-and after he rolls his eyes, he reminds you that you should finish packing.

So you give him another big hug, and you skip up the stairs-and nothing-not even the LONG three hour drive ahead to your daughter’s house can wipe the smile off your face!

Because you know when you get there……

You are going to see this face…


The moment you do-you are going to fall in love all over again…and then you are going to kiss that face..OVER and OVER and OVER-and when that precious little boy giggles-your heart will melt and you will think that this truly is the BEST day ever!

But it gets even better….

Because as the day turns into night-you get to see all of the AMAZING things that little munchkin has learned since the last time you visited.  And you are AMAZED-and a little bit sad-because you realize just how quickly he’s growing up…and how much you’ve missed out-and you wonder if sometimes he forgets who you are.

Then you look down, and that sweet little boy has one arm wrapped around your leg-and the other is reaching up to you.  And when you pick him up-you swear the garbly goo he just said sounded an awful lot like ‘Nana’!

And your heart melts even more as you feed him dinner-splash and play at bath time-read his favorite books at bedtime-and most certainly when he falls asleep in your arms.

By now you are certain this weekend couldn’t possibly get any better….

But it does.

The next day you get to do it all over again-and on TOP of that….

you find this at a rummage sale and when you offer $5-the lady selling it says ‘YES’!


And you are OVER THE MOON happy because you’ve been looking for a chandelier to replace the ugly light fixture in the dining room-and even though this one needs work-it will be exactly what you wanted when you are done with it!

But your treasure hunting isn’t over just yet….


You find these lamps that you just know will be perfect in the living room(with new lamp shades)….and that wooden bowl for .50 has your name written all over it!

Ceramic bowl Pot and Table

As does the old pot which will make the perfect vessel for a bunch of petunias on the front porch…and that table-well..it’s free so you’re certain you’ll find a spot for it somewhere.


But you’re not done yet.  This chippy old trunk that your daughter doesn’t want…HAS to come home with you…along with…


Not one but TWO vintage suitcases that she doesn’t know what to do with…but you  most certainly do!

By the time you load all your treasures up in the truck-you’re exhausted-but not too exhausted to play with the little munchkin and feed him..and splash and play at bath time-and read him stories before bed time…and watch him fall asleep.

And you realize then that there is no greater treasure then his love-and you’re 100% positive that…

It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Cherish each and every moment, my dear friends!

Happy Tuesday!

Blessings and hugs,


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