Happy Monday, ya’ all!

The weather was absolutely AMAZING this weekend, so hubby and I decided to step away from the living room makeover, and try and get caught up on some much needed outside work!

But I FINALLY sat down last night to begin a design plan for the room, and I’m SO excited to share it with you!

Granted, there will be changes and additions (aren’t there always), but for the most part, I’m pretty set on how I want the room we spend so much time in to look.

Like the post title says, I am going with the design style I am most comfortable with (farmhouse), but I am also throwing in a bit of cottage style, because….well…I can!

And isn’t that the fun part of designing a room in your own home?

There really is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong.

It’s all about filling your space with all the things you love-and not worrying about whether those ‘things’ are trendy or not.

Since our living room is right off the foyer-it is the first space that our family and friends settle into when they come for a visit.

Which is why I want the room to feel cozy and comfortable…

and say-“Come on in an stay awhile.”

The exciting and TERRIFYING part of this makeover is-the only items we are keeping in this room are the sofa and loveseat!

That’s exciting because we get to start with a clean slate!

But terrifying- because we have a strict budget-and much of that was eaten up by MAJOR issues we found during demo!

Which means hubby and I will definitely be putting on our DIY hats and making several of the pieces to fill this room ourselves!  There will also be a few re-purposed items-as well as a few new!


  1.  I don’t sew.  Not even a button on hubby’s shirt.  Not ever.  But our bare windows do need to be covered-and I fell in love with these lovely blue curtains the moment I saw them!sofa slip cover

       2. As I mentioned, the only pieces we are keeping in our living room is the sofa and loveseat.  They are in great shape-(I’ll share a photo of them in a later post-currently they have been shoved into our sun room), so there really is no need to buy new.  Unfortunately, their color(brown) doesn’t fit with the new design-so…can you say slipcover?! 

       ceiling fan


      3.  A ceiling fan was NEVER part of my vision for this room, but hubby was pretty adamant about the energy saving benefits, and after I started looking at the GORGEOUS designs that are available, I gave in to his one request for the room!


   4. Rustic shelving is definitely a MUST-and will be a SUPER easy and inexpensive DIY with the reclaimed wood we recently found at the farm!


  5. Every room needs one piece that pulls everything together, and for our room-this lovely rug will definitely do just that!

Glidden Pebble Grey

6. Choosing a paint color was a difficult decision for me, but in the end I chose the same color that we have in our dining room.  It just made sense because the rooms are so close and besides, I LOVE the warm blue-gray tones!



  7. I’m all for mixing different metals in my design, and I found two mercury glass lamps for free that will be one of two metals I’ll be incorporating into our room.

coffee table

  8.  Hubby and I have yet come to an agreement on the ‘style’ of our new coffee table-but we do agree paint and reclaimed wood will be involved, and it will be a DIY project!


  9. Storing books, magazines, and extra pillows is a must in this room-so you can bet I’ll be searching every yard sale for just the perfect baskets for all our ‘stuff’.

wall art1

  10. I plan on purchasing a few pieces to decorate our bare walls-including some lovely prints-but I will also be up-cycling a few items to add just the right touch of farmhouse style!

What do you think of my design so far??

Obviously, we have a LOT of projects to complete before the final reveal, but I’m SUPER excited to get started!

Don’t forget to stop back from time to time-because I’ll be sharing all the design elements and projects for our living room makeover right here!


Blessings and hugs,








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4 thoughts on “Creating a Farmhouse Style Living Room-The Design Plan”

  1. sounds like you’re off to a great start. Save patience for the day you install the ceiling fan. My son helped me with ours and man I pray I never have to do that again. It’ not hard it’s just a tight fit and a lot of holding. I really like that coffee table, something that is dual purpose – Perfect!

    Look forward to seeing it all unfold.

    1. It definitely is a start, Carole, but we have a long way to go!! Hubby totally agrees with you on the ceiling fan. Of course patience isn’t one of my better virtues! 🙂 I LOVE the coffee table too-but the man of the house isn’t ‘feeling’ it-and since he’s the carpenter-I guess I have some convincing to do-right? Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope all is well with getting ready for your big move!!

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