Last year, my daughter, Mel was in the process of moving, and asked if I wanted to go through the pile of items she was either throwing or donating.  Well, you all know me!!  I simply cannot pass up a treasure hunt!

One of the first things I found in the ‘throw away’ pile was this abstract canvas art.

Repurposing canvas art

Now, I’m not much of an abstract art girl-but even if I was, this piece had definitely seen better days! There were plenty of scratches and dings, which is obviously why Mel was throwing it out.

Original Canvas

But a few dings never bothered me-so to hubby’s chagrin, the abstract art went in our truck!  Although I wasn’t certain what I would do with the canvas, I figured, one day it would come in handy for a DIY project.

This past weekend I found that old canvas stuck behind  some boxes in the basement, and the light bulb went off in my head!  Yep-I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

Paint for repurpose of canvas art

The first thing I did was sand the entire canvas-then I wiped it clean.  Next, I got out my trusty craft roller and gave one good coat of white chalky paint.

Rolling on Paint

Once that coat dried, I sanded again, and then applied one more coat.  I had already chosen the quote that I wanted, so the next step was typing it up in Word, reversing the text, and transferring it onto my freshly painted canvas!

Transferring lettering

Can you say, ‘fail’!  That’s right! No amount of pressure, heat and a few choice words was going to permeate the cheap pressed would that this canvas art was made from!  My only option was to pull out my stencils and try and piece together the wording as best I could. That in itself is scary!  I had several fonts to choose from, which was great, but unfortunately, not a lot of space for those darn LONG words!  But I don’t give up easy-so I grabbed some black paint I had on hand..and away we go!

Repurposing Canvas Art4

I’ll let you in on a little secret. My stenciling abilities leave a LOT to be desired-so in the midst of piecing together letters-taping-measuring(not that it did any good) and a few more choice words-I forgot to take photo’s of the process.  Needless to say-I couldn’t cut, draw or even measure a straight line if you paid me-so the text is a bit wonky-but then again, so am I! (I really need to invest in a Silhouette). Okay, so I really do need to work on my stenciling skills-but hubby says I get an ‘A” for effort!

So…. even though my sign is far from perfect, I LOVE it-and I every time I come through the foyer and read that quote-I feel TOTALLY inspired!

Are you awesome at stenciling?  If so-I’d love to hear some of your tips!!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!! (We are going to see our grandson-YIPPEE!!)

Blessings and hugs,





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