Happy Monday ya’ all-and welcome to another edition of

Monday Morning Musings.

So, for the last three months or so-hubby has been trying to
convince me that it would be a GREAT idea for us
to get a membership at Sam’s club or Costco.
From hubby’s point of view-it made sense for us
to buy the products we use often in bulk-and strongly believed
the savings from doing so would far outweigh the yearly membership fee, and 
the inconvenience of still having to do most of our shopping elsewhere!
 Uh huh…..
 As for me…well, let’s just say I wasn’t convinced that
saving a few pennies on 20 rolls of toilet paper versus 10 was a
HUGE cost-savings for a family a two!
Nope-it just didn’t make sense to me-but even so, I finally gave
in last week-and we made a trip to Sam’s club and got a membership. (The
nearest Costco is 3 hours away!)
The jury is still out on whether this will be a cost-saving decision
for us-(I’ll keep you posted),but after an hour of roaming around the store
we did leave with a JUMBO supply of toilet paper, two organically
grown whole chickens, and enough toothpaste to last us a year or
more! (At least we will have clean teeth and bums!)
Speaking of chickens-I bought those two at Sam’s club because
they were a pretty good price-but mostly because I wanted
to try a couple of Barefoot Contessa recipes!


I have to tell ya, folks- her Lemon Garlic Roasted Chicken 
turned out absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS and just like
all of Ina’s recipe’s it was super easy!
I also used the leftover carcass and made up a batch of her Chicken Stock!
YUM!  I can’t wait to try it in my chicken noodle soup!
On another note……
Okay-so maybe I haven’t got the Bing Crosby cd’s out just yet-but I did
start going through my Christmas decorations this week!  I say ‘start’,
because I have boxes and boxes and boxes that fill up an entire room in

our basement!

Yes, it’s true!  Besides having a case of the crud that just
won’t go away-I’m already planning this year’s
Christmas-and while I was going through all
my boxes to see what stay’s and what goes-
I watched 2 Christmas movies on the Hallmark
channel! (Hubby was super grateful for his man cave yesterday!)
Well folks..that’s it for today!
I’d love to hear your thoughts about today’s topics!  Shoot me an email,
or leave me a comment!
Have a great week-and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!
Blessings and hugs,
Let’s keep in touch!

One thought on “Monday Morning Musings and More!”

  1. CD,
    LOVE the first quote and I am absolutely in total agreement with you on the last one!! I have 7 trees up already !! My upstairs is done except for a bit of tweaking as i decorate the downstairs which I am starting this week!!
    I just may have to borrow that saying and put it on my Christmas blog, with your permission of course!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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