Happy Monday!  I hope ya’ all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!
Hubby and I were blessed to have most of our family around the table this year-including
one VERY special guest-our grandson, Max!

Oh what a JOY it was, to once again have the living room floor
covered in toys, food flying everywhere, and the constant sound of baby giggles!!
It truly was sad to see the kids go on-but there was plenty to
do to keep us busy.
And no-it wasn’t shopping!  Did anyone else
avoid Black Friday like the plague this year?  UGH!  The
last time I was crazy enough to go out-a very determined
young woman not so gently pushed me aside to grab
the last Christmas Barbie off the shelf!  Yes folks,, it was
a LONG time ago!
Since we had deer hunters staying at our house the week
before Thanksgiving-and a house full of family this past
week, I haven’t had time to even think about decorating
for Christmas!
Thankfully, we had a window of opportunity yesterday
to get the porch decorated, before it began to sleet!
I still have a bit of ‘tweaking’ to do, so I’ll be sharing
more on that later in the week!

I also have some EXCITING news!  
Tomorrow I am joining up with nine AMAZINGLY talented
bloggers-for a Holiday Challenge!
We are going to be sharing a whole lot of Christmas inspiration-
so you definitely don’t want to miss it!
With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts!
Eleanor Roosevelt 

Have a blessed Monday!

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