Good Monday Morning, ya’ all-and welcome to another

edition of Monday Morning Musings!

First off-can we talk cafeteria food?
I’m not trying to start a revolution here-but is it is too
much to ask that it actually have SOME flavor?  
Seriously folks, this weekend hubby and I went
on a college tour with sonny boy, Shane-and part of 
the tour included a free lunch in the cafeteria.
Nothing against this particular school or any college-but one word.  Tasteless!
To all parent’s out there who have kids in college..
Send some spices in your next care package!  Your kids
will thank you later!  I promise!

Anyway- back to Jr, (we call him that because he’s a chip off the old block)
and the college tour.  After walking around campus for about
an hour, we arrived back in the admissions office, and hubby and
Jr went in to speak to counselor.
As I waited in the lounge, sipping a cup of coffee- I was reminded of when Jr
first came into my life.
It was 7 1/2 years ago-and I can still remember how amazed
I was meeting this bright, energetic, and VERY creative
young teen, who loved playing his guitar, watching old movies,and
writing music.

When hubby and I eventually married, Shane spent every
other week at our house. I know it wasn’t easy for him
adjusting to a new home, new rules, and of course, a new
lady in his dad’s life-but thankfully, somehow, Jr and
I hit it off almost immediately.

Maybe it was because we shared a lot of the same loves.  Music-writing-
movies-and oh yes, CHRISTMAS! (I bet we watched the Grinch Stole
Christmas a hundred times!)
 Jr is twenty-two years old  now.  He’s still bright, energetic
and SUPER talented.  He also has a huge heart!
Currently, he works full time at a facility
 that cares for the handicap and disabled, and plays guitar
in two bands.

But, like many of us, Jr wants more. 
 His dream of playing in an orchestra and traveling the world, and
eventually becoming an instructor-
may seem far fetched to some-
but not to those who know and love him.
Saturday was just one of many steps in Shane’s
Maybe he’ll change his mind in a few days, weeks, or months.
Maybe he will go to college-maybe he won’t.
It’s his decision to make.
And ours to support.
Have an AMAZING Monday!
Blessings and hugs.,


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