Happy Monday, ya’ all-and welcome to another edition of Monday
Morning Musings!

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet folks!
Even though I feel like I might finally be winning the battle with this flu bug,
I’m still feeling a bit weak and have
a nasty cough-!  Hubby came down with it three days
before me, and he is just now feeling better, so
I’m hoping I can get back to normal (is there such a thing) in
a few days!

My advice to all you folks still on the fence about
whether or not you should get a flu shot….
DO it!  Seriously-don’t put it off like we did!  
On a happier note-we received good news last week about mom’s health.  The skin
cancer on her nose-is one that is not fast growing-and it is highly
unlikely that it has gone any further than the surface.    I can/t tell you how much
of a relief it was to hear that news!! Her surgery has been scheduled-and I’ll
keep you posted on how it goes!  Thanks again for all your kind wishes and prayers!
I also have an update on our daughter, Mel and son in law, Andy’s 
home remodel.
It’s been several months-but they FINALLY
have a functional-and VERY GORGEOUS
I think the changes they made are absolutely STUNNING-and
I’ll be sharing more photo’s later in the week!
  After being knocked on my butt for
the last few days-I’ve got a lot to catch up on. so that’s it
for today!
Make it a memorable Monday!

Blessings and hugs,

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