Happy Monday, ya’ all, and welcome to another edition of Monday Morning Musings!
I hope you all enjoyed a spectacular weekend!


We sure have had some GORGEOUS weather, here in our neck of the woods!
Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to enjoy much of it-since this nasty bug that 
I’ve been battling for two weeks-still
seems to have a MIGHTY hold on me!

It’s crazy stuff folks!  Some days I feel like I’m finally turning a corner,
and have energy to spare-and then others…
well, not so much! 
Thankfully, Saturday was a good day, and since it was hubby’s birthday-
we enjoyed a nice lunch at one of his favorites places-and later
took a drive out to visit mom.
Although I’m a bit late-(a lot of leaves have fallen)-I was able
to snap a few photo’s of some fall colors, on the way to the farm.
I can’t tell you how amazing it was to get out of the house and enjoy
some much needed FRESH air! 
Unfortunately, that little day ‘out’ really took a toll on me-so yesterday
it was back to rest and plenty of fluids.
Since this virus has settled in my chest-the doctor’s are concerned
it could progress into pneumonia, so I’ll be going back
later in the week for more tests.
 I honestly haven’t had the energy to do much more than work and keep up with a few
chores around the house-so I apologize for not having
much to share lately, here on the blog.
I truly appreciate your patience, support-and prayers-
and I hope to be back 100% very soon!
Until then…
Blessings and hugs,

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