I have a confession to make-(deep sigh). 
Okay-here it is…
There-I said it.  
One of my biggest weakness’ is now out on the table.
No-I’m not proud of it.
  I know bread isn’t exactly the healthiest food.
At least that’s what the experts say.
But I just can’t help myself.
I see bread and I get weak in the knees and my mouth
automatically begins to water.
Italian bread. French bread. Sourdough bread. Rye Bread.
Breadsticks. Garlic Bread.
I could go on and on…but let’s just say if it has the word ‘bread’ in it-I’m

The problem is-eating that much bread isn’t good for anyone.
Especially someone who is trying to watch her waist line.
(Watching it grow that is!)

Yes, sadly-eating large quantities of bread CAN-and WILL
pack on the pounds.
Trust me on this-I know.

So what is a girl who is obsessed with all things bread
suppose to do?

 Well, if you’re me-you force yourself to eat bread in smaller
portions (EEEK) and of course-in moderation!
 And if you want
to go one step further-make your own bread.
That way you know exactly what is in it!

Over the years I’ve made all kinds of homemade bread-but I have
to say that these Mini-White Bread Loaves are one
of my favorites. 
This bread does require kneading-and it takes some time
for rising-but in the end the results are WELL worth it.
Perfect crusty bread-and most importantly the perfect
size! You can even wrap these lovelies up and give
them as gift!  I mean really-who wouldn’t
want fresh baked bread?

Of course-bread (especially warm bread) just isn’t bread without
butter-right? Plain butter is just fine-but I’m talking about
flavored butter!  There really are endless possibilities-but
for our recent dinner on the front porch-I decided
to use up some of my fresh herbs-and make garlic-herb butter!
Can I just say-YUM!!  
Here are the printable recipes!  Enjoy!

Blessings and hugs,

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  1. Hi and many thanks for your comment about the decorating at Sweetwater Style. Oh, what a fun surprise to find out that you are from Minnesota….and from Caledonia! I was born in Preston for heaven's sake!!! We should trade emails and stay in touch! I love making new bloggy friends!

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