Do you ever look back at the previous week,
and although it SEEMS like you’ve accomplished
a great deal-it sure doesn’t FEEL like it?

Well, that’s kind of how last week was for me.

It started when I made the 3 hour trip to my daughter, Mel’s on Wednesday.
I had every intention of painting at least two of the three rooms 
that afternoon, but patching and sanding the kitchen walls took
a lot longer than I planned.
By late afternoon, I was able to get kitchen painted-thankfully, before
the contractors came and installed the kitchen cabinets the next day!

Of course, the kitchen is nowhere near being done.  There is still crown molding,
fixtures, appliances and a farmhouse sink to be installed-but doesn’t
the paint color and cabinets look divine?

The next day Mel had to stay home with little Max because
he not only had a nasty summer cold-but he also had pink eye!
So, while Mel worked from home and tended to Max- I lost 5 lbs climbing
up and down the ladder a billion times, painting the dining room!
Okay-maybe that’s
an exaggeration-but by the end of the day-it sure felt like I had! There is 
a LOT of wall space in this room!
The hallway between the kitchen and dining room still need to be done-
but once the  floor get’s one more coat of poly-the kids should be able
to put this room together!  I can’t wait to share the end results! Mel has
some VERY creative ideas!

My plan the next day was to start painting the living room-but threats of severe
weather changed those plans, and I decided
to head home early.  (This gal doesn’t like driving in torrential downpours-especially
in bumper to bumper traffic!)
Naturally- halfway home-it started to rain!  
(By the way-have you noticed there are a LOT
more semi-trucks on the highway’s now a days?)
I have- and let me just
say-heavy rain and semi truck tires are not a good mix for
a white knuckle driver like myself!

When I arrived home that afternoon-this is what I found! 
Hubby was impatient to get back to painting the trim on our house….
And he had  3 stacks of shutters waiting for SOMEONE to paint!
One stack down-two more to go!

But before I get to them-I have a desk full of paperwork to get through…
emails to answer-2 signs to make-4 DIY projects in the works-
stacks upon stacks
of laundry to wash
and shamefully bare cupboards to fill!

I think I will forget about getting my hair cut shorter.  I will probably
pull it all out before I even get to the salon! LOL!

On another note-I’ll be sharing some WONDERFUL news about
the blog
VERY soon-so stay tuned!!

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “One step forward-two steps back!”

  1. You know, now that I think about it… there ARE more semi-trucks on the road! Rain can be scary enough as it is, and then add a semi-truck to the mix! Definitely a little nerve wracking, but don't worry, you got this 🙂

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