Happy Tuesday, all!
These last few day’s have been CRAZY busy, so 
I apologize for being MIA here on the blog!
This past weekend mom and I took of to my daughter,
Mel’s to help her get some painting done.
We were able to get the master bedroom and most
of the master bath completed.  Mel also painted
the vanity-and we still have the oak trim around
the windows to complete.
I still have to edit those photo’s, but I do have a couple I can share
with you today!

 The kitchen already had oak floors, so the contractor laid new hardwood to match

in the living and dining rooms!  Mel and Andy chose a stain color 
called Jacobean. As you can see-Mel and I were testing out several
paint colors on the walls in these rooms.
After looking at it in different light throughout the day, we decided
on one-and I’ll be going back up tomorrow to get these rooms
painted, before the contractors come back to install the kitchen
cabinets next week!
And while I was painting walls at Mel’s, hubby was busy painting the exterior of our house!
Of course, this isn’t the first time hubby has painted our house.
The last time he took on this project-was when we were planning
his son, Shane’s, graduation.
We had a house full of people helping prepare for the big party-
and one day-when I slipped away to pick up some party supplies,
hubby decided to ‘touch’ up the paint.
The only problem is-hubby has difficulty determining color shades,
and thought that our NAVY blue house-was actually black!!!

Since things were a bit chaotic, I didn’t notice that our house looked like a
black and blue patchwork quilt-until the next morning!!!
Since we had no idea what the original color was exactly,
and we only had one day to fix the issue-hubby had no
other choice but to paint the rest of the house black!

The funny thing was-no one (including our neighbors) even noticed
the snafu!
With that said-they are definitely noticing this paint job!
As I write this-hubby has completed the gray on the main
portion of our house-and is now scraping and preparing
the trim for a fresh coat of white paint.

We also plan to paint all of the shutters…
wait for it…yep-that’s right-BLACK!
 This photo I found on PINTEREST is what inspired me!

We will also be removing the old screen door in the front-so the only
thing I have left to decide is what color to paint the front door!
What do you think?  Black-or something bolder?

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Blessings and hugs,

Let’s keep in touch!


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