Hubby and I enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing vacation this past week!
unlike previous vacations
there were no planned destinations
 no schedules to follow
no alarm clocks to wake us.
And since we literally unplugged- 
there were no emails to check
 no voice mails to return.
So what in the world did we do on our vacation?


Well, my dear friends
all we had for an entire week of vacation was
 that sweet-precious commodity that we all
seem to have so little of during these so called ‘lazy’ days of summer.

We had time.

For us-that is what the BEST summer vacations are all about!
Time to share and enjoy the simple things in life.
Like sleeping in a little bit longer-or sipping up a cup
of coffee until it actually gets cold.
Time for enjoying a meal out-or feeling the wind in our hair
as we took a scenic ride on the bike.
Time for quality time with our family and friends-with no other reason than
to just BE with those we love.
But it was also a time when we allowed our creativity to flow freely
without any pressures or deadlines.
A time to get back to the basics.


For hubby, that meant one morning he took some time to tinker on the
car he’s re-building.
For me, it meant testing a recipe or two and
adding some summer touches to the inside of our home.
It only took a few minutes of shopping around our home
and the fireplace mantel was complete.
Nothing fancy-nothing planned…..

 Just a few sea shells here-a sailboat and driftwood there-

and of course- little pops of turquoise everywhere!
And just like our vacation-it ended up being exactly what I wanted
simple-yet perfect!

What are you doing this summer to relax and refresh?
 I’ll be linking up these amazing parties!  Stop on over and be inspired!
Blessings and hugs,

7 thoughts on “A Simple Summer Mantel”

  1. Hi C.D.! Your staycation sounds wonderful to me! Everything is jam packed and rush, rush when the hubby and I are on vacation. Anyway, I love your summer/seaside vignette. It's so pretty!

  2. I agree, Kelly! Hubby and I are taking two vacations this summer-and this one was definitely way more relaxing then the one planned for later in the season! Thank you so much for stopping by-and for the sweet comment!! Have a great rest of your week!!

  3. We all need vacations like this now and then. Not only does it rejuvenate our body, but also our soul! Love your mantel. It's as relaxing and peaceful as your vacation was. A reflection, perhaps? Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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