I have a story to share with you.
No..it’s not a novel or anything quite so long and dramatic.
It’s really more of a fairy tale.
So  grab a glass of sweet tea,
(or your favorite beverage)
and let’s sit for a spell, while I tell you
the tale about about my farmhouse table.

If you’ve been following along, you just might remember me posting
about this poor-sad table LAST June!
I had found it sitting in the corner of mom’s basement out at
the farm.  
It truly was- as hubby would say…. a hot mess!
The top boards were warped and had 70+yrs
of grime and oil-and Lord knows what else deeply
embedded into 
the wood!
And the base-well, it was held together..but just barely!
But I loved it…and so, to hubby’s GREAT displeasure…
I brought it home.
At the time we were in the midst of several room makeover projects. so it definitely
 wasn’t a good time to ask hubby for help-
And trust me folks-this table needed way more help than I was qualified to do!
(You do not want to see me hold-never mind USE a saw!)
So…instead of transforming this grungy table into
my DREAM farmhouse table-I merely put a band-aid on it.
Meaning I re-enforced it a bit-(and when I say bit-I mean BIT)and slapped some paint on it!
And then…that poor-sad table was shoved into one of our guest bedrooms.
And just like before…it was forgotten.
But thankfully, like all great fairy tales-this one has a happy ending!
Of course-it took a whole lot of convincing on my part, but eventually,
hubby agreed that we really could use a table on the porch
for entertaining-or just a summer dinner for two!
Boy did I have a table that would be perfect for that, and so much more!
Hubby wasn’t so sure on the perfection part-but  after I pulled off the top boards,
and hubby re-enforced the base (the right this time),  and measured and cut 1/2″ thick
pine boards to fit, it was starting to look promising!
Then that sweet, little table was given
a good sanding-the top was

 stained with one coat of Ebony stain (leftover from our foyer

staircase), and the base
a fresh coat of paint!  Once dry-(24 hours), I gave the top
two coats of poly….
and Viola!
I finally have the farmhouse table I’ve always dreamed of…
And that sad- little table is sad no more-because it FINALLY
has a new purpose!
I’m over the moon happy with how our farmhouse
table turned out-and it truly is the perfect addition
to her newly refreshed porch, which I’ll be sharing
with you VERY soon!
What do you think of our farmhouse table?
I’d love to hear from you!
I’ll be linking up at these amazing parties-so stop on over and be inspired!

Blessings and hugs,

14 thoughts on “Freshening up a Farmhouse Table!”

  1. Thank you so much, Heather! I agree-the table will definitely come in handy when we entertain this summer! As for the tea…it was YUMMY! I appreciate the visit! Have a great weekend!

  2. How cute that is! Love the table and how it looks for serving.

    By the way, I'd love to have you post on my new blog hop at My Flagstaff Home (www.myflagstaffhome.com), if you're interested. It's open all weekend.


  3. I'm in love with this! Thank you for sharing this with us! Pinned and tweeted! I hope to see you at tonight's party. We are always so impressed with your creations and can't wait to see them! Lou Lou Girls

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