They say, ‘opposites attract.’
I don’t know if that’ true for everyone, but it
certainly is in my marriage.
Hubby is the ‘thinker’.  Whenever he has a project to do,
he starts by ‘thinking’ it out.  This process can take hours, days,
and even weeks!  The next step is planning.
This is where he determines what materials are needed-
the time it will take to complete- wind velocity-air temperature…
you name it-he plans for it.

Me?  Well, I guess you could say I’m a bit more….impulsive.
Take this lovely wicker table for example.
It was one of the treasures I found last weekend.
It took a photo of it with my phone, shortly after I bought it.
I was thinking ahead.  You’d be proud.
Except…the picture was bad.
Very-very bad.  A mere blur.
It was brown.  The table I mean.
A very boring-very ugly…brown
Hubby liked it.  Of course.
Me?  Not so much.

It definitely needed a ‘refresh’-but I just didn’t have time.
And then one night-hubby and I were sitting out on the front porch
enjoying the beautiful evening.

It was blissfully quiet- and so relaxing-as we both took in the sites and sounds of Spring.
That lasted for about five minutes.
Hubby: I should fix the porch railing.  Someone could get hurt.
Me: More importantly-it looks awful.  The entire porch needs a coat of paint.
Hubby: Maybe I’ll go get my tools and replace the railing.
Me: Maybe I’ll go get some paint.
Hubby: You can’t just start painting the porch NOW!
First we have to figure out how much paint we need.
Then we have to power wash everything…
Me: I’m not talking about the porch!!  I meant the wicker table!

Hubby: Oh.
Me: I have some black chalky paint-I’ll think that will dress it up nicely.
Hubby:  You can’t use chalky paint on a table that sits outside!!!
Me: (my chin may or may not have been raised up) It’s a covered porch!
Shaking his head-hubby went off in search of his tools.
I went and grabbed my can of chalky paint and began painting
that ugly brown table.
Ten minutes in-I suddenly realized I wasn’t going to have enough
That wouldn’t have been a problem-except the closest store that carries
it-is thirty miles away, and it was already 6 pm.

So I did what any gal without a plan would do.
I went to the guy who always has a plan!

Hubby:  What are you looking for.
Me: Black spray paint.  Where did you put those seven cans you bought for the car?
Hubby:  That’s for the car!!
Me: I know-but I just need one can.  I ran out of chalky paint.
Hubby:(after he rolled his eyes several times)-I suppose I can spare a can.
But next time-could you try and plan your projects better?
I would have answered him
but I was already spraying the table.
Sorry about the over spray on the driveway-honey.
Next time I’ll put down a sheet!
If I can find one-before the urge to spray paint takes over again!

Blessings and hugs,


4 thoughts on “Good Intentions-Poor Planning!”

  1. This is so funny! This is a lot like my hubby and I except I'm the planner and he's the go-getter! I will plan a project for weeks, meanwhile he'll go and get all the supplies and start the project before I've even decided what color the project should be. It's a good thing we have each other so we're both little more balanced.
    By the way–you have a beautiful view from your porch!

  2. A good marriage takes team work, Carrie, and it looks like we both have it!! Our view from the porch is a blessing-and we sure enjoy it! Thank you so much for stopping by!!

  3. Bahahaha! Your story sounds all too familiar. My DH is the thinker; I am the spray paint grabber impulsive go for it throw caution to the wind person in our twosome! That's OK. We keep life interesting! Your wicker table is beautiful and will weather well with that paint. Still laughing…

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