Initially, I wasn’t going to do a separate post on this project-simply because it was
 just too darn easy!  I figured I’d just slip it into my final foyer reveal post.  But every
 time I walk through the foyer-I can’t help but smile, because I am SO in love with this
 piece-that I just had to share it all with you now!!


Remember when I posted about this old mirror frame a few months ago???  I told you that
 I’d found it up in our attic shortly after I moved in.  Back then I was just starting the
 renovations on the house-and I really didn’t have any place to put it.  So….I placed
 it in  the back of one of our guest room closets-and there it sat.  Until…I re-discovered
 it while doing some Spring cleaning.
The wheels in my head began to turn-and if you remember that post-you’ll
 remember I thought I would turn it into a headboard!!!  WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!  
All I can say is-thank goodness I had too many other projects to work on-and once
 again put the mirror frame aside.


Restoration Hardware


Because one day-while I was searching for some inspiration for another project-I found
 this GORGEOUS mirror at Restoration Hardware!!!  I LOVED it-but the price tag literally
 made my eyes bug out of my head!!  $1200!!!  No way!!!
And then another light bulb went off in my head!!! (Hubby hates when that happens 
because it usually means work for him!)
**Sorry, the photo’s are a bit iffy-but the foyer gets very little natural light
 (the only windows are stain glassed)!!


Well….it did mean a little work for both of us-but like I said-it was SO easy!!!



All this beautiful piece really needed was a little TLC-and of course… a mirror! 





The first step was giving this old girl (yes, I assign genders to my projects-is that weird??)
 a cook coating of moisturizer, as the wood had obviously seen better days before sitting
 in the attic!!  After I let that soak in-I wiped any excess off-and let it dry overnight.  
The next step was adding just a teeny bit of color.  I didn’t want it too dark-so I chose
 Antique Brown by MINWAX.  It took 2 coats total+ one coat of poly, and that was it!!





Oh-except we did have to get the mirror, which hubby installed, ($35.00 at our local
 hardware store), as well two D ring’s (100 lb weight) and wire for hanging. 
($3.49 at Walmart).
We are waiting on a light fixture for the foyer (we hope it arrives this week), and then
 I’ll finally be able to reveal the foyer makeover!!  In the meantime-I have one more 
project ( this one requires a bit more of hubby’s help), which I’ll be sharing with
 you on Monday!

Have an awesome Thursday!
Blessings and hugs,
I’ll be linking up to these parties-so stop on over and be inspired!!!



22 thoughts on “A Restoration Hardware Inspired Mirror!”

  1. I love this! Isn't it great to find a piece to inspire a project, and then find that you already have what you need???
    The color you chose lends a perfect hue to your room (love how it compliments the staircase), and I look forward to seeing the entire reveal!
    Glad you shared this – it deserved its own post.

  2. OMG – this is gorgeous !
    I like it so much better the RH's – what a find ( and your staircase looks stunning in the view )
    I have a pinterest page just for mirrors – guess where I'm headed to now?
    Thanks so much for sharing !

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