It can happen immediately after you’re finished with a project, or months later-but when it happens (and it will), you’ll know it.

What am I referring to you?  Well…it’s that moment when you ask yourself- “What in the world was I thinking??”

It happened to me this past weekend- I was moving furniture in and out of the foyer-trying to decide which piece worked best where. 

One of those pieces was the console table my mom had given me years ago-and that I’d made over a few months ago.

I really LOVED how the table turned out back then….but….

It just wasn’t my style anymore. 

But it was nothing a little paint couldn’t fix!





After a bit of sanding-I gave the console table two light coats of American Decor-in Carbon.

The knobs got a good sanding too!  After the table dried completely-I did a little distressing. 

Console Table

Now that I have the perfect ‘piece’ for the foyer-I can get back to the staircase!  Speaking of the staircase-we are currently putting trim on-and replacing the balusters!   I’ll be honest-I can’t wait until that project is behind me!!!

Have an AMAZING day!

Blessings and hugs,


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